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Baseball is a game of skills, and hitting is one of the most important skills that a player can have. Young baseball players who want to improve their hitting need to practice regularly and use hitting drills that help them develop good swing mechanics. In this post, we will discuss some of the best youth baseball hitting drills that can help young players improve their swing and become better hitters.

  1. The Stance Drill:
    This hitting drill starts at 0:45 seconds into the video (video embeded below). As you can see in the Stance Drill all we are trying to do is work on the fundamentals of the batting stance. We want our players to be in a good athletic position with a good body angle that creates an axis to swing around.
  2. The Stride Pause to Stride Swing Drill:
    This hitting drill starts at 2:36 into the video. What you want to focus on in this hitting drill is the batters stride and balance. We want to get good balanced reps on the stride before they take a swing. This is a great drill to have them feel where they are landing in their stride to see if they are balanced and strong.
  3. The PVC Drill:
    This hitting drills starts at 3:42 into the video. For the PVC Drill we are having the players focus on the axis in which they are swing around due to the spine angle they set in their swing. By laying the PVC in line with their shoulders they will get instant feedback if they are tilted enough in their swing.
  4. The Heavy Ball Drill:
    This hitting drill starts at 4:56 into the video. What we are working on in the Heavy Ball Drill is being strong at contact and driving through the contact point. Here are some great heavy balls you can use with your players:
  5. Line Drive Pro Drill:
    This hitting drill starts at 5:58 into the video. The LineDrivePro gives hitters instant feedback to whether they had a good swing or not. If the player can shoot a line drive right back up the middle, then he knows he just executed a good swing. He can then try to repeat it. If he dumps the barrel or cuts the swing off, the tennis ball will not fly out straight. The player can then focus on fixing the swing on the next attempt. You can get your Line Drive Pro here:
  6. Swing Rail Drill:
    This hitting drill starts at 6:53 into the video. The Swing Rail is a great tool to work on staying connected within the swing. If the loops breaks, you know that your player is getting long. Try using the SwingRail by getting one here:
  7. Mini Wiffle Ball Drills:
    This hitting drill starts at 7:35 into the video. Hitting mini wiffle balls with a skinny barrel bat is one of the toughest youth baseball hitting drills there is. But the benefits that you will see gained by your hitters is unmatched. When they can consistently make contact with the skinny barrel training bat to the golf ball sized wiffle balls, hitting a real baseball becomes so much easier. They will be crushing balls all over the field in no time. Here is some of the best equipment I recommend for this hitting drill:
    Skinny Barrel Bat –
    Mini Wiffle Balls –
    Mini Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine –

In conclusion, these are some of the best youth baseball hitting drills that can help young players become better hitters. Whether you’re a coach or a parent, incorporating these drills into your practice sessions can help your players develop good swing mechanics, hand-eye coordination, and mental toughness. Remember to always provide positive feedback and encourage players to have fun while they’re learning and practicing. With the right drills and a positive attitude, young baseball players can improve their hitting and become successful players.


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