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THE TOP 4 BEST INFIELD DRILLS (Implement These Into Your Next Practice & Watch Your Infielders Dominate!)

In baseball, infielders play a crucial role in the game. They are responsible for catching the ball, fielding it, and making quick decisions to make the out. However, being a good infielder requires constant practice and skill development. In this regard, YouGoProBaseball has created a YouTube video that outlines the best infield drills that can help any baseball player, regardless of their age and skill level, become better at playing in the infield. Video embedded at end of post.

The first infield drill outlined in the video is the Cone Drill. This drill involves having the infielders practice keeping their feet moving. All you need to do is set down one cone and have the player move counter clockwise around the cone. Instruct them to try to have good timing when fielding the baseball around the cone. Their left foot should be landing around the same time the baseball hits their glove. This is one of the best infield drills to help develop the skills needed to be an elite infielder.

The second infield drill highlighted in the video is the Line Drill. This drill involves lining up 3 baseballs on one of the foul lines. The way this drill is performed is by having the fielder get their body outside of the line and then moving through the line to act like they are fielding the baseball. This drill is designed to teach them how to work around the baseball. This is one of the best infield drills to have your team run through quickly. You can also do the Line Drill by having a coach roll balls on the line while practicing the same footwork for getting around the ball using the line as a guide.

The third infield drill outlined in the video is the Box Drill (or Triangle Drill). You can call it the box drill if you have a group of 4 players or the triangle drill if you have a group of 3 players. In this drill we are working on our flips and throws. All you do is drop the ball, field it, and make a nice, firm, accurate flip or throw. You should practice going both directions with this drill. This is one of the best infield drills to get players used to different throws at different angles and distances.

The final infield drill highlighted in the video is the Bad Hop Drill. For this drill you will need a PVC pip with rice in it, a few cones, and some Smushballs. All you are going to do is roll the Smushballs over the cones and PVC pipe so that the balls will take bad bounces or inconsistent bounces. This teaches the player to stay low and be ready for anything. If they can react to a ball with a bad hop, just imagine how easy it will be to field a baseball on a nice field with no bumps. This is one of the best infield drills to work on hand-eye coordination and reaction training.

In conclusion, infield drills are essential for any baseball player looking to improve their skills. These best infield drills outlined in the video by YouGoProBaseball are excellent drills that can help players develop their fielding, throwing, and decision-making abilities. Additionally, these drills can help players develop their confidence and their ability to perform under pressure. Therefore, coaches and players at all levels should implement these infield drills into their practice sessions to improve their overall game.

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