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MaxBP Original Package


This is the most popular grouping of products for the amateur through high school level athletes when purchasing a MaxBP for use at home, on the road, or off-season use. And saves you 20%+ over buying the items separately!


    • MaxBP Original Machine Plugs in-wall or extension cord
    • Portable Battery Pack Lasts up to 8-hours, great for outdoor use where outlets are not easily accessible
    • Tripod to mount your MaxBP machine and adjust height and angle – we offer two options a lightweight and heavy-duty (+$40)
    • 96 White-color, golf Sized, WIFFLE® golf balls
    • While you get 96 white with the machine, the most popular variation which adds to the number of drills you can do is the mixed color balls
    • 2 Ball Bags for the 96 white and the 96 mixed. MaxBP ball bags hold 120 WIFFLE® golf balls
    • Machine Bag to carry your machine and balls around. Shoulder strap and handles for carrying. Two interior pockets, one zipper, one velcro. Lots of padding for protecting your machine.
  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • PayPal
  • Speeds: Soft Toss, Low, Medium, High, Turbo
  • Feeder Interval: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 seconds
  • Load indicator light
  • Right-handed and left-handed curveballs
  • 96 white WIFFLE® golf balls included
  • AC plug-in outlet (external 8-hour battery available as optional add-on purchase)
  • Carrying handle


Optional Features


    • – BatterBat – Skinny barrel training bat, weigh approximately 2/3’s game weight which has been proven to be optimal weight for bat speed training. 28″/19oz, 30″/20oz, 31″/20.5oz, 32″/21oz or 33″/21.5oz, 34″/22oz or 35″/22.5oz – this option is $100 with the package, normally $150 on its own.
    • – BetterBat Heavy Handle/Middle – weighted handle and middle to swap out to match game bat weight or heavier for strength training – this option is $70 with the package, normally $100 on its own.
  • – Pop-up Attachment – Great for defensive practice especially for those 13 and under. No more knots on the head from taking a hardball off the noggin!
Choose Tripod

Tripod II, Tripod III ($40.00)

Add Pop-up Attachment?

No Thanks, With Popup Attachment ($25.00)

Select BetterBat

No Bat, 28"/19oz ($120.00), 28"/19oz + Heavy Handle/Middle ($205.00), 30"/20oz ($120.00), 30"/20oz + Heavy Handle/Middle ($205.00), 31"/20.5oz ($120.00), 31"/20.5oz + Heavy Handle/Middle ($205.00), 32"/21oz ($120.00), 32"/21oz + Heavy Handle/Middle ($205.00), 33"/21.5oz ($120.00), 33"/21.5oz + Heavy Handle/Middle ($205.00), 34"/22oz ($120.00), 34"/22oz + Heavy Handle/Middle ($205.00), 35"/22.5oz ($120.00), 35"/22.5oz + Heavy Handle/Middle ($205.00)

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