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6 Year Old Takes Over SF Giant’s Spring Training Facility For A Day!

(and Dad Learns Tons of Baseball Swing Secrets to Share with you!)

Watch out, Giants. You’re not so big after all. Because here comes John Madden. (Not me, the other John Madden. My 6 year old son. The “little” guy in the picture below.)

John Madden on a plane.
On the plane from FL to AZ.

“Head west, young man.” That’s what I told my son before we took a trip to the Giants’ Spring Training Facility in Scottsdale, Arizona to meet with my friend and Hitting Coordinator, Jacob Cruz (but more on him later).


Young John was so excited to see “real baseball fields” that he insisted on helping book the trip. We got online and booked the flight, the hotel, and he even tried to get me to book a convertible Lamborghini.

I guess the kid thinks I’m rich. We had to scale down to a ragtop Mustang.

Unfortunately it was a bit too cold in AZ.  We only made it one exit from the airport before we had to pull over and put the top back on. Still worth every penny for an experience he will remember forever…just like the rest of the trip.

Brandon Madden with a fast car.

John and I had a wonderful time at the training facility. Jacob let John visit with some of the players. He even got to eat breakfast with them in the players cafeteria.  The chef helped him make his own pancakes. We watched real big leaguers walk passed us in the hallways as we got the entire tour of the facilities.  His face lit up with amazement at how “big and cool” those guys are.

I even got to toss some batting practice to John in a real big league batting cage. He was thrilled.

It reminded me of my own days in Spring Training. Only it was so much more special to be able to share it with my son.  And imagining that maybe, just maybe, someday, young John may have the same opportunity as I did to play professionally. I’m so blessed to be able to give my son such an amazing experience he will never forget, even after his dad is long gone. Thank you Lord, thank you Giants, and thank you Jacob!

Brandon Madden on a homeplate mat.

However, it wasn’t all play. When we got to the training fields with our cameras, it was all business. We shot some videos with Jacob who, if you didn’t know, played seven years in the Big Leagues, and was Hitting Coach for the Diamondbacks, Pirates, and Brewers before settling in as the Hitting Coordinator for the entire Giants minor league system. He’s a big deal. The man knows his stuff. It’s Jacob’s job to train the future of the San Francisco Giants offense.

Jacob showed us some of the cool pointers he’s teaching the young Giants prospects. And I share some of those secrets with you in my videos. You can see those secrets for yourself in the links I post a little bit later in this story.

San Francisco Seating area.

Jacob took us into the super-duper, ultra-mega, eyes-only, top-secret batting research facility with all the space-age, high-tech measuring gadgets. I learned so much that it made my head spin. Little John too.

But Jacob made me promise that if I told anyone about what I learned, I’d have to kill them. And since I don’t want to lose my wonderful  Youtube and newsletter subscribers, I can’t fully tell you just how amazing modern baseball analytics really is.

While Jacob and I shot our videos, John and Jacob’s son played baseball on the “real fields.”  By the way, his son is an absolute Stud too.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Batting research facility

OK, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The hitting secrets that Jacob Cruz teaches the future stars of the San Francisco Giants!

Here’s video one: The importance of your pre-at-bat routine. The do’s and dont’s and how the wrong routine can rob points from your batting average. (click the image to watch the full video on YouTube)

Here’s video two: How to use the batting tee for better hitting. And things to avoid on the tee that could make you worse.

Here’s video three:  What MLB Teams are doing to Strike Out Less (and what you can do Strike Out Less too!)

Here’s video four: Is there one simple hitting drill every hitter should be doing?

Here’s video five: Which is correct? To swing up to the ball or chop down on the ball? Or both!

In this video, Jacob Cruz explains the mechanics of the proper swing plane. It’s a point so important he invented an inexpensive and easy-to-use device that teaches young hitters how to get the right swing plane and hit line drives consistently.

LineDrivePro & SwingRail Bundle Green

It’s called the LineDrivePro Swing Trainer. Even major leaguers use it to put the finishing touches on their swing plane. To get one for yourself or multiple devices for your team, click the button below.

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That’s all for now.

Until next time, John Madden (and son) signing out.

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