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Top 10 Tee Ball (& “Coach Pitch”) Coaching Tips – [You MUST USE THIS SEASON to have MASSIVE SUCCESS]

Tee Ball and Coach Pitch are excellent ways for young kids to first learn and enjoy the game of baseball. As a coach, you have the opportunity to introduce them to the fundamentals of the game and help them develop their skills. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key points from the YouTube video “Top 10 Tee Ball (& “Coach Pitch”) Coaching Tips – [You MUST USE THIS SEASON to have MASSIVE SUCCESS]” by YouGoProBaseball and offer additional tips to help you improve your coaching skills. (See video below at bottom of post)

Tip #1: Keep the game as funs as you possibly can. Baseball is a tough game often with a lot of failure. If we want these young players to stick with the game and enjoy it, they need to be having a ton of fun.

Tip #2: Have a good stance to be ready to swing. Having a repeatable stance with good timing is everything for new young hitters.

Tip #3: Get low when pitching to the players. If you’re 6ft tall and throwing overhand, that ball is coming down from 6’5″ to a little 3’6″ player. Instead, try getting on a knee when pitching to your hitters and give them plenty of opportunity to see the baseball and time it up.

Tip #4: Don’t practice off the tee. In the very beginning we need our hitters to see as many live pitches as possible. Once they are able to track the ball and put decent swings on it, then we can break the batting tee out to work more on their swing as they get to the coach pitch age.

Tip #5: Encourage your parents to work with their player at home at least one day a week during the season. Tee ball and coach pitch teams usually only have one practice a week and one game a week. If each player can get one day on individual work in with mom or dad you can see huge improvements in just one extra day a week of practice.

Tip #6: Being nervous is ok. Matt and I played baseball at the highest levels and we were still nervous to coach our kids tee ball and coach pitch teams.

Tip #7: Set up the batting tee in the correct spot. If your player does “strike out” and needs to hit off the tee, make sure you are putting the tee in a good spot for him/her to have success. The tee should not go right on top of the plate in the middle of the players body. Set the tee up out in front of the player a bit so that when he/she turns their body they can make contact out in front. This will give them a better opportunity to get better contact on the ball.

Tip #8: Use the CagePro Shorty Batting Tee. It will save you time and headache when working with your young hitters.

Tip #9: Be their biggest hype man when they do something good. Instead of harping on the things they do wrong, when they do something right or good, be their biggest fan.

Tip #10: Don’t talk about what your player could improve on right after the game. Wait til the next day or practice to work on it. This way they don’t feel discouraged or like they are letting you down. Watch the video below where we elaborate more on all of these tee ball and coach pitch coaching tips.

In addition to these coaching tips, there are several other things you can do to help your team succeed. Make sure you have the right equipment, such as appropriate-sized balls and bats, and that it’s in good condition. Keep a positive attitude and encourage your players to do the same. And most importantly, remember that these kids are here to learn and have fun. With the right approach, you can help them develop a love for the game that will last a lifetime. Keep them safe and work on your patience. You will need a lot of patience when coaching these young players.

In conclusion, coaching tee ball and coach pitch can be a rewarding experience. By following these tips and incorporating other best practices, such as practicing the fundamentals, emphasizing sportsmanship, and encouraging parental involvement, you can help your players develop their love and skills for the game of baseball.

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