CRT Belt 2.0


Receiving training, simplified. Are you looking to increase your wrist and forearm strength while also learning the receiving mechanics utilized by elite catchers?

Introducing Version 2.0 of our Original CRT Belt. This updated model includes both the 10″ and 12″ resistance cable length with a protective outer sleeve for a higher quality experience.

Our “Catcher Resistance Training” (CRT) Belt is guaranteed to teach you the proper technique used by elite modern catchers for receiving the ball while also building hand, wrist, forearm, upper arm, and shoulder strength. If you’re looking to enhance your training while building skill and strength, this is the product for you. Included with every purchase is a series of simple drills to be completed with the CRT Belt that can be done on your own or with any partner/coach that are developed by current professional catchers. Recommended for catchers age 9 and up. Pro to youth.


  • Adjustable length up to 38” waist
  • Teaches you to feel the proper mechanics of receiving the baseball/softball
  • Especially useful for receiving from below the baseball/softball
  • No extra equipment required besides baseballs/softballs
  • Two standard lengths of resistance cable included with each order
  • Prevents over extension/reaching while receiving the baseball/softball
  • Two options for resistance anchor for more or less resistance
  • Simple to use and easy to travel with

NOTE: Level of resistance is comparable to a standard red (Mini) Sorinex resistance band (approx. 20lb-25lb of resistance).

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RECOMMENDED USE: Dry patterning, barehand drills, gloved drills, weighted ball drills, and more!


  • CRT Belt & Baseballs


  • CRT Belt
  • Baseballs
  • Tennis Balls
  • Plyo/Weighted Balls
  • Webglov and Mini Wiffle Balls

The CRT Belt is a result of a desire to simplify resisted receiving training for catchers, build a catcher's strength while receiving, and promote the proper technique used by elite level receivers. While (unsuccessfully) searching for a spot to connect a resistance band to at our facility for training receiving, the idea for the CRT Belt was born. Instead of needing a fence or weight to attach a resistance band to, we decided to eliminate the need for anything except for the CRT Belt and yourself!

DISCLAIMER: Not intended for use with pitching machines, high velocity settings, or while catching a pitcher. Resistance assembly is inherently restrictive and may cause injury if not used properly. Full disclaimer included in product instructions provided at purchase.


"Keep the Game Simple