As a former professional baseball player, John Madden knows what it takes to go pro. From his early days in T-ball to his years as a high school pitcher, John developed a deep love for the game at a young age. After playing at Auburn University, he began his pro career as a pitcher for the San Diego Padres. He later got snatched up by the Mets in the AAA Rule 5 draft. But it wasn’t too long after that he suffered a shoulder injury, bringing his 6-year-long pro career to a close. After a lifetime of hard work, John Madden’s time as a professional baseball player was over.

Such a devastating loss could have been enough to drive him to despair. But, instead, John decided to shift his focus and commit himself to helping other young baseball players thrive. Being a good player and being a good coach are two very different things, but John already had experience, since he used to train players in the off-season when he was still a pro. As he transitioned into coaching exclusively, he started seeking out tools to help the players he coached. And that led him into a brand-new business.

In 2007, John Madden started You Go Pro Baseball to provide both hands-on training and quality training tools to aspiring baseball players. Back then, there weren’t as many training tools as there are today, and the ones that did exist were often thought of as gimmicky. But, the truth is, the right baseball training tool can help players accelerate improvements. You just have to know which tools are high-quality and do what they’re supposed to do.

That’s why, here at You Go Pro, we’re selective about which training tools and products we sell. We’re not a big box store that carries everything available under the sun. Instead, we carry only the baseball gear that we know, use, and believe in. John selects inventory for the store based on what he uses while training baseball players — the tools that actually work.

When you shop at You Go Pro, you’ll always know that you’re buying from a small company where customer satisfaction is the top priority. When you call the customer service number, you’ll hear John on the other end of the line. We also offer fast shipping and lots of free content on how to use our products (in fact, some products even come with free video bonuses).

If you want to go pro, we can give you the tools, knowledge, and training that you need to do it. Check out our shop, videos, podcast, and training programs.

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