Catcher’s Receiving Ramp (and Hitting Wedge)


I saw this Catcher’s Training Tool first used by George Carro, pro-catching coach with the Toronto Blue Jays.

After talking with George and asking him where I could buy one, he directed me to his friend Allan who makes them for him.

They didn’t have a shop where they sold it and I thought it was a great training tool for catchers (and hitters) so I asked them if I could sell it on my site and see if anyone was interested. So here we are.

Free Shipping!

The overall size of the Catcher’s Receiving Ramp is just under 18" x 12" with an angle of approximately 12 degrees. The bottom is 3/4" baltic birch plywood and the top is 1/2" baltic birch plywood. There are four rows of 2" grip tape on the top to provide a nonslip surface for when it is used for hitting. There are also two rows of the 2” grip tape on the bottom to help the unit stay in place while in use. All joints are glued and countersunk with screws and built for durability.


DISCLAIMER: Not intended for use with pitching machines, high velocity settings, or while catching a pitcher. Only intended for use with full catchers gear and mask properly worn. May cause injury if not used properly.