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How many times do you go to a game and there are no batting cages to practice. Smushballs are excellent because you can have 5 or 6 piles of smushballs along the right-field line and have players toss the balls to another player who hits into right field. Once the pile has been used, gather the balls and do it again but with new throwers and hitters. Literally, in 15 min, the entire team could have 35 good swings if they take it seriously.

Smushballs are the perfect practice ball to use indoors or outdoors, in rain or cold conditions, against fences, nets, and even in basements. What started as trying to find a good practice ball when my son was playing ball and an alternate to whiffle balls has continued to grow with teams using Smushballs in all 50 states, from little league to college teams and clinics for some Major League Baseball Teams.

The biggest sellers are 4 and 6 dozen to parents and travel teams in order to help hitters practice repetition.

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Avoid Damage:

When people hit hard balls into fences, damage is done to both the fence and to balls. Fences become dented, balls get scuffed. With the Smush balls, you can hit them into fences over and over without damage. For advanced batters, they can try to hit the balls so they stick in the fence or if they hit it hard enough, the balls can actually go through a fence. This helps the batters concentrate on hitting with more power at the contact point of their swing.


Rain, cold or snow will not hinder a person who wants to improve their hitting. These balls are safe for indoor gyms. A batter can stand at the baseline on one side of the gym and then with a person throwing from the free throw line, the batter tries to drive the balls to the far wall. Have the players have games on hitting spots in the gym.
If there are no fields available for practice, Smush balls can be used on asphalt, tennis courts or most any other surface. You do not have to worry about damaging areas or the balls.


The price of leather baseballs continues to go up each year. Even on Ebay, a dozen used balls are over two dollars a piece. You do not even know the condition of these balls. If it rains, baseballs can be ruined if they are used in wet conditions. Instead of cancelling practice or ruining balls, have the batters hit the Smush balls.
Coaches can use the Smush balls year after year which also will be a savings.


Some coaches use whiffle balls as a way to help players get more repetitions with their swings. Not only do whiffle balls break often, they can also potentially hurt if hit in the head. Smush balls just bounce off, no marks, no bruises.
People throwing do not wear out their arms throwing Smush Balls.

What size are the Smushballs?

Smushballs are approximately the size of a baseball. We use to have some that were slightly larger than a golf ball but coaches who tried them did not like them as well.

How heavy are they?

Smushballs are heavier than a nerf ball and probably similar in weight to a golf ball but softer. Approximately 2 dozen are around 2 lbs.

Are they similar to a Jugs-type ball?

The best way to answer this is to ask if a person has ever seen a promotional stress ball that usually has a business logo on them. Sometimes they are in the shape of the earth. Originally this is what I used, a stress ball which worked great but did split sometimes. An importer told me he had a more durable one, a slightly harder covering which has turned out great. You can squeeze them, throw them with zip and they last and last.

Do Smushballs come in different colors?

Smushballs are always available in white however we usually also stock yellow and some limited amounts of red. Just select the appropriate color in the shopping cart.

Why do softball coaches use the same size as baseball coaches?

Coaches have said that if a player can hit these having them thrown at a relatively close range, then they can hit a softball square. The softball seems bigger after using smushballs. Also, bigger softball size balls are more expensive and tend to rip with heavy usage. So we decided to have one size.


1 Dozen, 2 Dozen, 4 Dozen, 10 Dozen, Twenty Dozen


White, Red, Yellow

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