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How To Get Your Son To Practice Baseball More (without making him hate you)

There’s nothing more exciting for a young man than playing in a baseball game. Full unis. Pitcher versus hitter. Mano o mano.

If you’re a pitcher, what can beat striking out the side?

Or, if you’re the batter, barreling one up for a two-run double. 

But practice?

Maybe not quite as exciting.

Of course, your son isn’t likely to have those high moments on the field without hours and hours of practice. So how do you get him to practice?

The Pocket Radar can actually make practice more fun.


When boys pitch and hit the ball endlessly, they never see the results. They just keep throwing and swinging and simply trust that it’s making a difference. 

But what if you could record the growth? What if you could tell your young player to swing at the ball on the tee, and he could see a video of his swing and a record of the exit velocity? And then you say, “good job, son, let’s beat that.”

And he does. Over and over again. Until he’s killing it.

Now practice is more competitive, kind of like a game. And your practice has more purpose, with clear rewards for effort.

Same with measuring growth in pitching velocity.

The Pocket Radar makes practice more fun and meaningful. And if practice is more fun, your son will practice more. And if he practices more, he’ll become that go-to guy that every coach relies on to be on the mound when it really counts.

Or hit at the top of the order because the coach knows that your son needs as many at-bats as possible for the team to win.

And you know how important social media is to your budding young star. He’ll love to share the videos of his velocity readings with all his friends on Tik Tok and Instagram. And if they’re good enough, who knows who else might notice?

Get the Pocket Radar with the app today for the sale price of $399. Sure, you can buy the system on Amazon.

But you won’t get the Pocket Radar with the app on Amazon with my pro-level pitching training system, Pitching 365.2. It’s a $299 value, for free, for a limited time only, if you purchase the Pocket Radar.

A Picture of a package delivered from UGoProBaseball.

Plus, I ship just as quick.  You can call me Johnny Bezos.

But you know what’s even better than fast shipping?

Fast Pitching!

Now, when you’re in the bullpen, and you are using your miniature, super-accurate Pocket Radar to challenge your son to throw harder, you don’t have to just say, “throw harder, son.” With Pitching 365.2, your son will have the keys that open up the hidden power pitcher within him.

Now he’ll know HOW to throw harder. 

How to sculpt his body into a power pitcher’s body. 

How to tweak his mechanics for ultimate efficiency and higher velocity

What drills to practice to make his delivery repeatable for consistent results.

How to throw a curve, a slider, even a knuckleball.

If you act today to purchase the Pocket Radar with app + Pitching 365.2 together, you will mark this day as the real beginning of your son’s pitching career. He’ll have the tools for success. And the technology to monitor his progress.

What a one-leg-up on his competition.

And he deserves it.

Don’t deprive your son of this unique opportunity.

The offer is for a limited time only. Act now before it’s gone.

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