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Personal Pitcher is a company that provides high-quality training aids for baseball players of all ages and skill levels. Their products are designed to help players improve their skills and develop better mechanics through repetition, resulting in better performance on the field. Here are the benefits of some of the products that we offer from the Personal Pitcher line, including the Personal Pitcher Pro, The Hitmaster Grobat, The Mini Web Glove, and the most popular, Ultimate Mini Wiffle Ball Bundle.

Personal Pitcher Pro

The Personal Pitcher Pro is a training aid designed to help baseball players improve their batting and catching skills. It is a pitching machine that pitches mini wiffle balls (the size of golf balls). It is by far the best training tool I sell on this site. The amount of hand-eye coordination players will develop from using this pitching machine is amazing. You will notice a huge difference in your hitters (and fielders/catchers) after practicing with the Personal Pitcher Pro only a few times. After hitting/catching the mini wiffle balls with the skinny barrel bat or web glove, imagine how easy it will be for your players to hit/catch a regular sized baseball with a regular size bat/glove. This machine is fun, safe, and really works to develop amazing baseball players. The Personal Pitcher Pro can be adjusted to throw various pitches, including fastballs (at 4 different speeds), curveballs, and sliders, making it a versatile tool for players of all skill levels.

The Hitmaster Grobat

The Hitmaster Grobat is a skinny barrel training bat. It is designed to help players develop better hand-eye coordination and improve their hitting contact and bat speed. The Hitmaster Grobat comes in adult sizes (32, 33, & 34 inches) and a Junior Size (30 inches). Using the Grobat with the Personal Pitcher Pro is a challenging drill that will skyrocket a batters skills over time.

The Mini Web Glove

The Mini Web Glove is a training aid designed to help players improve their fielding/catching skills. It is a small, portable glove that can be used to practice catching and fielding drills at home or on the go using golf ball sized wiffle balls. The Mini Web Glove is a great compliment to the Personal Pitcher Pro. Many MLB teams have purchased this combo from us to help their catchers and fielders continue to sharpen their hand-eye coordination, even at the highest level of the game.

The Ultimate Mini Wiffle Ball Bundle

The Ultimate Mini Wiffle Ball Bundle is a collection of the most beneficial Personal Pitcher products that we offer here at ugoprobaseball. This bundle includes the Personal Pitcher Pro Mini Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine, a tripod, 4 dozen golf ball sized wiffle balls, 2 Mini Web Gloves, and a Hitmaster Grobat, all for free shipping. With this Ultimate Mini Wiffle Ball Bundle you get a great value and your players will see huge benefits.

Benefits of Personal Pitcher Products

Personal Pitcher products offer numerous benefits for baseball players of all skill levels. They provide a safe and controlled environment for players to practice their skills, allowing them to focus on their technique and make improvements as needed. Personal Pitcher products are also versatile and portable, allowing players to practice their skills at home or on the go.

In conclusion, Personal Pitcher offers high-quality training aids that can help baseball players of all skill levels improve their performance on the field. From the Personal Pitcher Pro to the Mini Web Glove and the Ultimate Mini Wiffle Ball Bundle, these products provide a reliable and effective way for players to develop better mechanics and technique, resulting in better results on the field.