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Whether you are building a residential batting cage or opening a new batting cage business/commercial training facility, we’ve got all the best batting cage equipment and accessories you’ll need to build and maintain your baseball batting cages to last.

We have set ups for backyard batting cages, indoor batting cages, outdoor batting cages, batting cages on cables, and even suspended batting cages.

We offer many different sizes/strengths of batting cage nets to fit any project with our best being able to withstand outdoor elements as well as frequent use.

When it comes to batting cage frames we’ve got a great selection of sizes and solutions to fit any project. Especially our batting cage corner kits where you can get your batting cage poles locally and save a ton on shipping.

Practice makes perfect, so get your backyard batting cage kit set up now so the kids get get their training in, have fun, and be the best baseball players in town.

Order online now or give us a call at 407-627-6997 if you need help to find exactly what you need.