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The Personal Pitcher PRO – Mini Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine

Original price was: $299.99.Current price is: $249.99.

The Personal Pitcher Pro is a small, portable, affordable, battery-powered, mini wiffle ball pitching machine that develops elite level hand-eye coordination in baseball players of all ages!  See below for product specifics and a full description.  Tripod not included.

  • Quad Speed (25, 35, 45, 55mph)
  • Perceived velocity of 95 mph+
  • Holds 55 balls
  • Includes 4 dozen white balls Temporarily out of white wiffle balls. Will be shipped with focus balls instead.
  • 1-year warranty (optional lifetime warranty)
  • AC Adapter/Charger
  • 4-hour battery
  • Throws left and right-handed curveballs and sliders
  • Pitch Isolation Training
  • Green Light for Pitch Timing
  • Pitches Balls every 5 OR 8 seconds
  • See below for Amazing Bonuses!
  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • PayPal

The Personal Pitcher Pro

Imagine hitting balls…One… After another… After another…Taking dozens of cuts, EVERY DAY. Anywhere. Anytime you wanted.


Meanwhile, you develop a machine-like, ball-mashing, killer batting-stroke, and start rifling line drives like you never could before–almost at will.


By practicing with this amazing indoor/outdoor mini wiffle ball pitching machine. It pitches up to 55 golf ball size wiffle balls at four variable speeds, fastballs, and breaking balls, so you can practice hitting anywhere, anytime. Even in your living room!

And in no time at all, your new, sweet swing will turn you into a feared SLUGGER.

As they often say, hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in all sports. To do it well, you’ve got to practice…a bunch.

But when? Where? Who will pitch? Does your pitching partner even know how to throw consistent strikes? How much time do you waste chasing baseballs if you happen to find a time and place for BP?

You can always go to a batting cage. Oh wait, you have to schedule a time. And it costs an arm and a leg.

Why waste money on expensive batting cages when you can practice with this Amazing Mini Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine. Experience the pleasure of taking dozens, even hundreds of practice swings, EVERY DAY. In your yard, in your garage, your basement, even in your house.

Here’s what you get with your Mini Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine.

  • 1 Mini Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine. Can be placed on table, chair, or camera tripod.
  • 48 super durable golf ball size wiffle balls. (Holds 55)
  • 4 speeds. 25,35,45,55 MPH settings.
  • Fastball, curveball, slider settings, left and right-handed.
  • 1-year warranty (optional lifetime warranty)
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • AC Adapter/Charger
  • 4-hour battery
  • 5 or 8-second intervals between pitches
  • Green light warns you when the next pitch is coming so you can time your swing.

But with YouGoProBaseball when you purchase the Personal Pitcher Pro you get more than just this amazing machine. We don’t just ship it to you and say: “Swing batter swing.”

We teach your son how to swing. The perfect mechanics he needs to smash almost every strike right on the sweet spot. So while he’s having fun hitting with his Mini Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine, we’re also teaching him the RIGHT MECHANICAL HABITS he needs to become that potent hitting machine within just waiting to explode.

Practicing a lot and practicing right. His growth as a batter will accelerate into hyper-drive.

Here’s what one parent said:

I just want to thank you for your great product. My son started using his Personal Pitcher Pro as a 14 year old. That year he helped lead his team to the local Pony League Championship game hitting a home run in the semifinals to knock off an undefeated #1 seeded team. When he was a senior in High School, he became the local newspaper coverage area’s batting champ. He spent countless hours in our back yard using your product and the results speak for themselves. He batted over .600, had a grand slam, and went 6 for 6 with bases loaded as his team’s cleanup hitter that season. Oh did I mention that before we found about your pitching machine… As an 11 year old little leaguer, he only had 1 hit during his entire season?” ~ Mike T – Solon, OH

When you add this Mini Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine to your order today you also get our specially designed training program for use specifically with the Personal Pitcher Pro. I call it the PPP Training Program. No one else includes a free bonus training program as part of their Mini Wiffle Ball Machine Package.

Personal Pitcher Pro Free Training
In the PPP Training Program, you get 10 free videos, including:
  • Introduction and unboxing
  • How to set up the machine and recommended use
  • Bunting progression drills
  • Swing progression drills
  • Fielding progression drills
  • Catching progression drills
  • Top Hand/Bottom Hand hitting drill
  • Angled Toss hitting drill
  • Launch position hitting drill
  • The Challenge (get 100 swings and 100 catches a day)
  • And more bonus videos inside your bonus videos!
“Keep your eye on the ball.” “See the ball, hit the ball.”

These are the first words every baseball player hears from his coaches starting in t-ball. And they’re words good players never forget, even in the pros. “See the ball, hit the ball.” Sounds so easy. But it’s one of the hardest things to do in all sports. Even for the pros.

But that’s what you learn with this Mini Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine. If you can see that little golf ball size wiffle ball curving at you, and still hit it solid on the sweet spot, hitting a real baseball is child’s play.

Batting practice with this mini machine is the best training your son can get. Even better than from one of those big pitching machines you have to pay big bucks to rent at the batting cage.

And those machines are hard to time up when you’re waiting to swing. You never quite know when the ball is coming. But your new mini wiffle ball pitching machine has a little green light that comes on when it is about to deliver a pitch so you can time your swing. Just like you would with a real pitcher.

Here are some of the skills your son will develop by using this machine.
  • Elite Level Hand-eye coordination
  • Superior Bat control to make contact almost guaranteed
  • Barrel control
  • Consistent Contact
  • Bat speed
  • Timing
  • Confidence and Discipline
  • A smooth, connected, coordinated, synchronized, and POWERFUL swing

After just a few reps hitting off this Mini Wiffle Ball Machine your son will find it much easier to make contact in a real game. And when he’s got the kinetic chain all hooked up, he’ll find that a lot of those balls he’s hitting are going to go a long way.

With this machine, he’ll become a MASHER. He’ll start hitting the ball Very often. Very hard. Very far.


With the PPP Training Program, your son can also use the Personal Pitcher Pro to improve his bunting skills, fielding skills, and catching skills.

Does this sound too good to be true?

Consider the story of Chris Richard. At 14 he was a good player. But he knew something was missing. He knew there was potential inside him that he wasn’t getting to. He loved to swing a bat, but there just weren’t enough opportunities to get it just right.

His inventive dad heard him. Using spare parts, dad made the first Personal Pitcher. Chris practiced every day. You couldn’t stop him. Just like I said, he became a masher.

He killed high school ball. Rocked college ball for Oklahoma State. Then got drafted by the St Louis Cardinals.

Chris Richard, the first player ever to use the Personal Pitcher Pro, is in the Major League record books. Playing for the Cardinals, he is 1 of only 30 players in Major League history to hit a home run on the very first pitch thrown to him in the MLB!

He played five years in the Show and hit 34 homers. He’ll tell you. He couldn’t have done it without the Personal Pitcher Pro.

Copycatters charge double or more for their machines that don’t have all the features of the Personal Pitcher Pro. This is the original, the best, perfected over 30 years of continual improvement. And it is still the best value.

It lists for $279, but right now, on this page only, it’s on sale for $249.99. And that comes with a one year warranty, 48 durable mini wiffle balls, and our exclusive training, the PPP Training Program, available only through this page with YouGoProBaseball.

But there’s even more. Because we know you’re serious about your hitting training, we’re including our most advanced hitter training with this offer.

Swing Plane Secrets Bonus for Personal Pitcher Pro Mini Whiffle Ball Pitching Machine

Modern baseball science has shown that the best chance to get a hit is by keeping the bat through the hitting zone for the maximum time possible. To teach this, I developed my advanced SWING PLANE SECRETS program.

If you order right now I’ll include Swing Plane Secrets with your Personal Pitcher Pro. Use your Personal Pitcher to perfect the hitting mechanics the Pros use.

There is no doubt that with this machine and with this training working hand-in-hand, your son can become a baseball bashing BLACK BELT, karate-chopping pitchers like flimsy 2”x 4”s

Practicing perfect hitting mechanics over and over, day after day is the surest way to crushing baseballs at the highest levels of the game.

With your son’s time and effort, and only $249.99 for the Personal Pitcher Pro, he can go all the way. Just like Chris Richard.

So, just to recap…You’re getting ALL OF THIS…
Visual of Personal Pitcher with Bonus Videos

$497 in Value
Discounted Price $279
for only $249.99 today!

ORDER NOW (Go to top and “add to cart)

Listen to a few more of the amazing transformations accomplished by young players using the Personal Pitcher Pro:

I bought a Personal Pitcher from a word of mouth recommendation of a satisfied user when my son was 6 years old. Within 1 season of using it almost daily during baseball season, he went from an average hitter to the best hitter on his team. He is now 11 years old & still uses the Personal Pitcher. He has led his team(s) — regular & post season consistently in RBI’s & is always batter #3 or #4 in the lineup. We both (my son & I) believe the key reason for his success at the plate has been the Personal Pitcher.” ~ Frank Anade

So my 11-year-old son used his Personal Pitcher Pro this last Sunday morning before we headed out to the ballpark for a doubleheader. First time up to bat he cracked one about a foot in front of the fence. I’m sure he’ll be hitting it over with a little more time on the device. We love our Personal Pitcher Pro!!!!” ~ Ted C – San Diego, CA

You guys have an excellent product. I have tried several others but none are better than the Personal Pitcher.” ~ Brian Jones, 21 – Kernersville, NC

We owned the personal pitcher for about a month or so & I am more than pleased with the results. my 12 yr. old son plays in Cal Ripken & on a travel baseball team. Since we been working with the personal pitcher Brandon has hit over 500 & has 3 home runs .1-solo, 1-2run,1 – GRANDSLAM. you have to understand Brandon is about 90lbs soaking wet & maybe 4′ 10″ tall all HR were over 215′ OR BETTER. As his dad & travel coach, I new w/ hard work & discipline anything is possible. The best part is he is the one that wants to hit every day after school & definitely before all his games.” ~ Brandon S – Wellington, FL

In your gut, you know these testimonies are true. The secret to great hitting is daily, focused batting practice. To be a great musician you have to practice every day. To be a great hitter you also have to practice every day. The Personal Pitcher Pro is the FUN (and safe) way for your son to practice his hitting EVERY DAY. HE’LL LOVE DOING IT.

And only through this page, right now, you’ll also get TWO great training programs with your Personal Pitcher Pro to ensure that your son is practicing RIGHT, with focus.– The PPP Training Program, and, IF YOU ACT NOW, my pro-level training program, Swing Plane Secrets.

Why wait another minute watching your son struggle with his hitting. With daily practice and proper training, his BAT-TO-BALL skills will SKYROCKET. So will his CONFIDENCE.

He’ll start smashing screaming line drives all over the park…And out of the park too!

Your son can be the best, the most admired player on the team. The go-to-guy when the game is on the line. (And the one opposing pitchers fear the most) With his new skill and confidence, he can become the team leader.

Confidence, discipline, leadership…Life skills forever, beyond baseball.

He just needs the opportunity to practice his skills. With daily practice using THE PERSONAL PITCHER PRO your son will love hitting, and he’ll soon become his team’s HOME RUN HERO.

Only $249.99…what an investment in your son’s future! Ridiculous. His love of baseball, his self-esteem, his confidence, who knows, perhaps a future in college or professional baseball. Give him the opportunity for all this and let him take it as far as he wants.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO TOP AND “ADD TO CART” NOW AND RECEIVE ALL YOUR FREE BONUSES. Remember, 30-day money-back guarantee, and one year warranty.

Try it out and see for yourself how great this is. You have nothing to lose. Plus the exclusive PPP Training and Swing Plane Secrets programs.

NORMALLY $279 (Plus Shipping) But Right Now ONLY $249.99 (plus $24.85 shipping anywhere in the USA)

Weight 4.8 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 9 in
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