The Personal Pitcher PRO – Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine

$189.00 $159.99

Just like the Personal Pitcher Standard, the Personal Pitcher PRO is a small pitching machine that throws golf ball sized wiffle balls at various speeds. The Personal Pitcher PRO has a quad speed setting which let's the wiffle ball pitching machine throw either 20, 35, 45, or 55 mph. This pitching machine holds 55 of the golf ball sized wiffle balls for a high number of repetitions before having to “pick em up”. The Personal Pitcher PRO fits on any camera tripods or any other flat surfaces you have available. The Personal Pitcher PRO also comes with 4 dozen of the golf ball sized wiffle balls, an ac adapter/charger, a 4 hour battery, and a 1 year warranty. The PRO model also throws left and right handed curveballs and sliders, and uses pitch isolation training. *Tripod sold seperately*

Hitting these small golf ball sized wiffle balls is great for the hand eye coordination used in hitting a baseball. Just imagine, if you can hit the sweet spot with these little wiffle balls that are moving, you are sure to make solid contact with a bigger sized baseball.

– Quad Speed (20, 35, 45, 55mph)
– Hold 55 balls
– Includes 4 dozen balls
– 1 year warranty (optional lifetime warranty)
– AC Adapter/Charger
– 4 hour battery
– Throws left and right handed curveballs and sliders
– Pitch Isolation Training

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