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Top 10 DEADLIEST Baseball Drills You Can Do With This ONE SECRET WEAPON! [Mini Wiffle Ball Drills]

Baseball is a sport that requires precision, skill, and discipline. If you want to excel in baseball, you need to train hard and practice regularly. One of the best ways to improve your baseball skills is through drills. And in this video by YouGoProBaseball (see below), the top 10 deadliest baseball drills are presented using a secret weapon – mini wiffle balls.

Training with mini wiffle balls is an effective way to improve hand-eye coordination and reaction time, which are two essential skills in baseball. These balls are small, lightweight, and not so easy to catch and hit, making them perfect for training. They also move unpredictably in the air, which challenges the player’s reaction time and helps them develop quick reflexes.

Here are the Top 10 Golf Ball Sized Wiffle Ball Baseball Drills and their timestamps for the video posted below

1) 0:33 Barehanded/One handed catches
2) 1:15 Web Glove catches
3) 1:53 One eye catches with Web Glove
4) 2:41 Hitting off the Personal Pitcher
5) 3:21 Using Hitmaster Grobat with Personal Pitcher
6) 4:26 Two Ball Drill
7) 5:10 Pop Fly Drill
8) 5:24 Short Hop Drill
9) 5:53 Catching Drills for Framing and Receiving
10) 6:21 Bunting Drills

To perform these drills, the video recommends using the Personal Pitcher Pro Small Ball Pitching Machine from This machine is specially designed to throw mini wiffle balls at different speeds and pitches, making it perfect for training purposes. It is also portable and easy to use, making it a great tool for both individual and team training.

The video mentions a coupon code but we no longer have coupons set up on the site as we sell these machines at the lowest possible price we are legally allowed to. We also offer free video bonuses with the Personal Pitcher Pro that are not available anywhere else. There is no coupon needed at checkout. All prices are automatically marked down and bonuses automatically added.

In conclusion, training with mini wiffle balls is an effective way to improve hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and other essential skills in baseball. The top 10 deadliest baseball drills presented in this video provide a handful of baseball drills to use with your team to have a lot of success this season.

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