Personal Pitcher VS MaxBP

Personal Pitcher VS MaxBP (The Ultimate Review)

Let’s look at the Wiffle ball pitching machine choices.
Which one is the best for your needs?

First, Why You Need One of These Pitching Machines

As we all know, hitting a moving baseball is one of the toughest sporting challenges known to man. To do it well takes patience, commitment, good coaching, and


But practicing hitting a baseball isn’t like shooting hoops. There are basketball courts everywhere. But where do you go to hit a baseball? And even if you have some big, empty field someplace where you can hit whenever you want, you still have to waste time fetching the balls you hit — or even the ones you missed.

And who’s going to pitch? Can they even throw consistent strikes?

For many of the most devoted players and coaches, the answer to these problems is the Mini Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine. Even professional players take advantage of their convenience and ease of use to get in their reps.

The balls are soft and light, so they don’t break things. You can even practice your swing in your house. They don’t go far, so they are easy to fetch, and you can load the machine up with dozens of balls for non-stop practice.

The balls are smaller than real baseballs but in a way that’s good. If you can hit a small ball, it’s easier to hit the larger regulation-size baseball.

With daily practice on a good Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine the young player will develop the following skills:

• Elite level hand-eye coordination
• Superior bat control
• Barrel control
• Consistent contact
• Bat speed
• Timing
• Confidence and Discipline
• A smooth, connected, synchronized, and POWERFUL swing

There are three main
Wiffle Ball Pitching Machines out there:

Settling The Debate – Personal Pitcher VS MaxBP

Many parents and players ask me which one is best? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

Basic Transportation or Luxury?

In the end, determining which machine is best depends on what you want and how many features you demand. To illustrate:

Imagine two new cars.

One is $25,000. The other is $50,000.

They both have four wheels, an engine, and will reliably get you wherever you want to go.

They’re both comfortable, with nice amenities. Things like AC, a sound system, cruise control, and safety features like airbags and a backup camera.

So why pay $50,000 when the $25,000 car gives you almost everything the $50,000 car does?

Keyword: Almost.

For some people those extra little things in the $50,000 car are worth the extra money.

Maybe a little more pick-up when you put your foot on the accelerator. Or a little more responsiveness when you turn the steering wheel. Or a ride that’s a bit smoother and quieter.

The seats are a little plusher, the music sounds a little richer, there’s more legroom, and the lines on the body are just a little sexier.

That and a dozen other little things give that $50,000 car just enough extra “cache” to be worth it to the right buyer. Some people just demand the best.

But many others will accept “basic transportation” and save their money for other needs.

Comparing the Features of the Personal Pitcher Pro VS the MaxBP Original & Pro

The analogy may not be perfect but for the most part, the Personal Pitcher Pro is your “basic transportation” in the world of Wiffle ball pitching machines. The MaxBPs are more expensive but offer a few more features.

Let’s take a deeper dive.

Here’s what you get with the Personal Pitcher Pro available at UGOPROBASEBALL.COM for $249.99 (List $279)

Quad Speed (25, 35, 45, 55mph)
Includes 4 dozen white balls
AC Adapter/Charger
4-hour battery
Throws left and right-handed curveballs and sliders
Green Light for Pitch Timing
Pitches Balls every 5 OR 8 seconds
1-year warranty (optional lifetime warranty)

Here’s the MaxBP Original, available at UGOPROBASEBALL.COM for $540.00. (List $805.00)

Speeds: Soft Toss, Low, Medium, High, Turbo
Feeder Interval: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 seconds
Load indicator light
96 white WIFFLE® golf balls included
Right-handed and left-handed curveballs
AC plug-in outlet (external 8-hour battery available as optional add-on purchase)
Carrying handle
1-year warranty on parts and labor, 60-day warranty on the battery

And here’s the MaxBP Pro, available at for $740.00. (List $1005.00)

Speeds: Soft Toss, Low, Medium, High, Turbo, Super Turbo
Load indicator light with variable brightness levels
Three Right-handed and Three left-handed curveballs (cutter, slider, curve)
Feeder Interval: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 seconds
Triple-drop setting for rapid-fire hand-eye drills and bunting drills, changes pitch interval options to 1, 1.3, 1,6, 2, 2.6 seconds
96 white WIFFLE® golf balls included
Carrying handle
1-year warranty on parts and labor, 60-day warranty on the battery

Evaluation of the Personal Pitcher VS MaxBP

Let’s evaluate the features of each of these machines.

The Personal Pitcher Pro has only 4 pitch speeds. The MaxBP Original has 5 including a soft toss for softballers or T-ballers. The MaxBP Pro has yet another speed, “Super Turbo”, for a total of 6 fastball speeds. Of course, perceived speed on any of these machines depends upon how close the batter is to them.

The Personal Pitcher Pro actually has more breaking ball offerings than the MaxBP Original (2 to 1) but the MaxBP Pro has 3 different breaking balls. On all these machines the breaking balls can curve left or right.

The Personal Pitcher Pro has only 2 pitch intervals, 5 and 8 seconds. The Max BPs have 5 intervals, from 3 to 8 seconds.

The Personal Pitcher Pro comes with 48 Wiffle balls and can hold 55. The MaxBPs come with 96. But really, who is going to swing more than 48 times in a row without a break?

The MaxBP Pro has 3 exit holes from the basket that can be used simultaneously for rapid-fire fielding or bunting drills. With this feature enabled, the pitch intervals range from 1 second to 2.6 seconds.

The Personal Pitcher Pro comes with a 4-hour internal battery. On the Max BPs the batteries last 8 hours but come separately for an additional cost if purchased with the machine. You also have the option with the MaxBP machines for AC plug in only, external battery pack, or internal battery.

Both companies offer a 1-year warranty. But the Personal Pitcher Pro also offers an extended lifetime warranty for only $35.00 extra.

Tripods are sold separately for all three models.

The MaxBPs come with a handle on the machines themselves for easier carrying.

My Personal and Professional Recommendation

The Personal Pitcher Pro is the best value for the money. But many people may find that over the years of use, the extra features found in the MaxBPs may pay for themselves eventually. So, some say why not start off with the extra versatility the MaxBPs offer rather than upgrading later? This argument is stronger when applied to the MaxBP Pro, but the Pro is almost 3Xs the price of the Personal Pitcher Pro.

Regardless, if you and your son are truly serious about him developing into an awesome hitter, you really need one of these machines.

But even better, these machines are great fun too. Your son won’t want to stop playing on his machine. And all the while he thinks he’s playing, he’s really developing the skills that will make him a top hitter in any league.

I wish I’d have had one of these as a kid. I might have become Shohei. (Just kidding)

Special Offer on the Personal Pitcher Pro

If you buy the Personal Pitcher Pro from UGOPROBASEBALL.COM you get two very special bonuses that no other vendor offers with the Personal Pitcher Pro. And they’re FREE.

My special 10-video, PPP Training Program with instructions on how to use the Personal Pitcher Pro, plus loads of drills to help you get the most use out of it.

My most advanced hitting mechanics training video series, Swing Plane Secrets. Your son won’t just be practicing on his pitching machine, he’ll be practicing how to swing RIGHT.

There’s no doubt that with this machine and with this training working hand-in-hand, your son can become a baseball-bashing BLACK BELT. He’ll end up karate-chopping pitchers like they were flimsy 2” X 4”s.

Act Now.

You can get the pitching machine, plus the two training video series included for FREE, all discounted to just $249.99. (Regularly a $497 value)

Order the Personal Pitcher Pro with Video Training NOW

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