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Top 3 Tee Ball Drills! (That Work Like Magic!)

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Tee ball is a great way to introduce young children to the game of baseball. It allows them to learn the basic skills of the game without the added pressure of pitching. However, as a coach or parent, it can be challenging to come up with effective tee ball drills that keep children engaged and help them develop their skills. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key points from the YouTube video “Top 3 Tee Ball Drills! (That Work Like Magic!)” by YouGoProBaseball (see below) and offer additional tips to help you improve your tee ball coaching skills.

Always remember to keep your t-ball drills fun and safe while focusing on the fundamentals.

The first t-ball drill discussed in the YouTube video is called “Defend The Castle”. This drill helps young players learn how to move their feet, get their hands down and out in front, and promotes hand-eye coordination while they are trying to stop the ball. To start, set up a bucket behind the player with 2 cones where balls will be rolled between. The player is to move side to side trying to field the balls (or just block them) without letting them get by and hit the castle (the bucket). This tee ball drill really helps children develop their hand-eye coordination, timing, and tracking skills all while having a lot of fun.

The second t-ball drill discussed in the YouTube video is the “Windshield Wiper Drill” This drill helps children learn how to catch the baseball without moving away from the ball. Because as you may know, kids at this age are often afraid of the ball. Have the player stand on a base and instruct him that “the floor is lava” and he can’t get off the base when he’s catching the ball. Instruct them how to use the catching arm like a windshield wiper.

The third t-ball drill discussed in the YouTube video is the “Tire Fire Drill” This drill helps children learn how to throw the baseball to a moving target. Each player should get 2 balls to throw a the tire as it is rolled down the line in front of them. You could have each player keep track of their point each round. Give one point for hitting the tire and two points for getting it through the tire. This is a super fun drill that will help your young players learn how to move their feet and make a good throw.

All 3 of these tee ball drills should be done using Smushballs that are soft and safe for tee ballers to use for practice. Every coach should have a few dozen of these on hand to use for various drills. They are an asset to have and will make you a better coach and have more success with your team. Get your Smushballs here.

In addition to these 3 tee ball drills, there are several other tee ball tips you can use to help your young players develop their skills. The biggest t-ball tip I can give to any new coach is to have patience. Some of these kids will drive you crazy when you’re trying to organize these drills. Continue to let them have fun, make sure they stay safe, but at the end of the day you are going to need to have a lot of patience.

It’s also important to focus on the fundamentals of the game. Make sure children are using the correct stance when hitting and fielding. For hitting, the player should have their feet shoulder-width apart, their knees slightly bent, and their hands in the correct position on the bat. For fielding, the player should have their knees bent, their glove out in front of them, and their eyes on the ball.

Finally, make sure to keep the drills and games fun and engaging for the children. Use positive reinforcement, offer encouragement, and focus on their progress and development. Remember, tee ball is about introducing children to the game of baseball and helping them develop a love for the sport.

In conclusion, tee ball drills are an essential part of coaching young children in baseball. By using effective drills such as these 3, your team will have a lot of success. With consistent practice and positive reinforcement, they’ll be on their way to becoming successful baseball players in no time.

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