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John Madden Brings the D to the Detroit Tigers Training Camp

(D meaning Defense of course.)

Major League Baseball teams scratch and claw for every competitive advantage they can find.  One area getting more and more scrutiny in baseball is improving defense. Is it a coincidence that the MLB teams with the best ERAs also tend to have some of the best defensive stats?

That’s why I was invited down to the Detroit Tigers Spring Training facility in Lakeland, FL. To help deliver the latest and greatest in defensive training equipment, the Valle Training Gloves.

Valle Training Glove Assortment Image

Sure, they look kind of simple. Some of them almost like those old-timey gloves that guys like Ty Cobb used to wear.

Don’t be fooled. This is how fielders today at all levels are improving their skills, including all 30 MLB clubs.

You see, these gloves are very small, and some of them don’t close very much. That makes it difficult to catch the ball. With these gloves, you have to catch the ball exactly in the “kill spot”, with your throwing hand right there, ready to make a quick exchange.

Training with the Valle Gloves, fielders improve their pocket presence. They catch the ball without it rattling around in the glove. It means cleaner catches and a faster release of the ball after the catch.

Even a millisecond faster release can be the difference between safe or out.

At least, the Tigers think so.

Welcome to TigerTown

I had a good time at the Tiger’s training camp. Great bunch of guys.

And I even saw a few of my fellow Auburn Alumni.I got a “War Eagle” from who I believed to be Tiger pitcher Casey Mize in passing. He broke a few of my Auburn records (but I don’t hold it against him too much).

Plus, I got to talk baseball with Casey’s former Pitching Coach at Auburn and current Detroit Tigers Pitching Coordinator, the great Steve Smith.

Valle Glove Mit

I think it’s super important to get young players off to the right start in training baseball mechanics, including defensive mechanics. Way too many youth-league coaches don’t spend enough time teaching defensive skills, even though — let’s face it — bad defense loses a lot of games at the younger levels.

That’s why my son John uses a Valle Training Glove all the time. It works great for him now as a game glove. And it’s teaching him how to be a better fielder as he grows up.

Brandon Madden

Valle also makes training gloves to help catchers develop their pocket presence and release time as well as first basemen training gloves and outfield training gloves too.

To find out more about how the Valle Training Gloves can improve your fielding, you can watch these youtube videos my pro friends and I made:

Video 1: This Baseball Training Glove is Changing the way infielders train! (New 2023 Model)

Video 2: “Hands Routine” – Have your infielders do this IMMEDIATELY and see HUGE RESULTS!

And to improve your defensive game this season, purchase the Valle Training Gloves at my store UGOPROBASEBALL.COM

Yours for baseball fun and success.

John signing out. 

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