Valle Eagle 4 Finger KK Infield Training Glove

$60.00 $49.99


The Eagle KK 4 Finger flexible training glove for infielders has the great design of a semi-flat style training glove.

It promotes the use during practice time of using two hands, but at the same time the Eagle KK infield training glove gives the player the ability to catch the ball with one hand for backhand and forward hand grounders.

Unlike a typical “flat glove” or “pancake glove” that forces the fingers to straighten out when you put it on, thus making it difficult to keep your hands relaxed and naturally slightly bent, like they are in a game glove, the Eagle KK will allow the comfortable, loose hands feeling that an infielder should always maintain.

This glove is all leather, extremely flexible so it simulates the feeling of catching a ball with your “bare hand”, but has the leather and padding similar to a game glove.

The soft leather on the palm gives a great feeling to the player and the glove having 4 fingers gives the easy flex you want when fielding the ball.

This training glove is excellent for “any” age player from Tee Ball to the professional ballplayer.

The Eagle KK 4 Finger Training Glove for Infielders is a great training glove to use as a transition from a pancake glove to a small training glove or regular baseball glove when practicing in the infield.