Top 6 Hitting Drills for Players of ALL Ages! [Baseball Hitting Drills That Really Work!]

Aug 21, 2021 | Hitting

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In this video we are talking about 6 baseball hitting drills for players of all ages. I’ve made many videos about baseball hitting drills in the past but this time I brought in the heavy hitters (pun intended). Casey Smith of @outfronthitting on IG, Joey Lewis @thehitlabllc, and Nate Headley @nheadley14 all share their two favorite baseball hitting drills for players of all ages. This is a great video because you get a few different perspectives and learn some quality baseball hitting drills that you can use with your players to help them get better. Here are the hitting drills in order as we demonstrate them:


Casey Smith (My teammate in the Padres organization. Dude drops bombs!)

1) The Launch Hitting Drill – 0:42
2) The Ken Griffey Drill – 3:05


Joey Lewis (Owner of The Hit Lab, the beautiful facility we’re in.)

3) Angled Open Hitting Drill – 5:36
4) Angled Closed Hitting Drill – 6:40


Nate Headley (older brother of veteran Big Leaguer Chase Headley, Casey and I’s teammate in the Padres organizaton.)

5) 50/50 PVC Pipe Turns – 7:15
6) Connection Ball Drill – 10:33


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