4 Baseball Hitting Tips

4 Hitting Tips You MUST Follow to SKYROCKET your Batting Average this season!

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In this video I share with you 4 hitting tips you must follow to skyrocket your batting average this season. And as I clarify in the beginning of this video it’s not necessarily about increasing your batting average. You should be more concerned with hard contact over batting average. But the 4 baseball hitting tips I’m talking about to be a better hitter are:

  • 1) 0:30 Have a pre-at-bat routine
  • 2) 0:52 Put yourself into a good state of mind and energy in the hole
  • 3) 1:41 Be the man and visualize your best hit on deck
  • 4) 2:59 Know the situation, see the ball and hit the ball, even if Clayton Kershaw is pitching

It’s all about breathing, believing, and following these hitting tips! Get the job done!

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