Performance Pitch Baseball Towel Trainer


Premium Leather, Handmade, Professional Stitching.

The Performance Pitch towel drill has been around for a long time. Its purpose is to create arm speed and power at the end of your delivery and also help with your mechanics.

This tool that will not only help teach the youngest players but also the professional Performance Pitch is a towel that has been installed in a small baseball where the fingers grip the stitches. The feel of an actual baseball on your hand versus just the grip of a towel aids in delivery furthermore using a small ball allows for hands of all sizes.
All players can effectively warm up their arms without the need of a partner. The towel provides resistance as the arm comes forward for the pitcher.

Performance Pitch is an effective tool in teaching the player. The power comes at the end of the throw by placing an object like a fungo bat or a glove in front. The snap of the towel against the object helps to build up the power and increase speed as both come at the end of the pitch. Performance Pitch is all about the feel. Four seam grip or two seam grip. It just makes you feel like you have a baseball in your hand.