Connection Ball – 12 “

$13.95 $9.95

The Connection Ball is used to train effective movement patterns. Pitchers use the tool to preset proper arm positions and receive visual indicators of mechanical efficiency. Hitters use the product to address hitting disconnections and improve skill.

Can be used in pitching and hitting
Promotes arm health
Improves movement efficiency


The TAP Connection Ball is a 12″ inflatable ball that can be used for balance and coordination while targeting the core area. In pitching it can be used to address postural disconnects; in hitting it can be used to keep the lower body more stable and help establish a more athletic and balanced position. It can also be used for traditional resistance exercises and stretching in Pilates and other fitness programs but is not designed to support body weight.

Made of pliable PVC the TAP Mini-Exercise Ball ships deflated with an included inflation straw. Colors may vary.