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The TAP Baseball Training Sock allows an athlete to throw a ball in a confined space, inside or out. Players can throw regardless of weather conditions or availabiliy of a training partner. Please note that the Junior Baseball Training Sock is recommended for youth under the age of 13, and it is recommended to use no heavier than a 7oz ball in the Junior Sock.

  • Increases velocity
  • Promotes good “finish”
  • Good warm-up tool
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The TAP Baseball Training Sock was developed to facilitate a modified ball hold program. The design of the device allows athletes to perform a full throwing motion with ball release in a confined area. The ability to release resolves mechanical inefficiencies associated with holding a weighted ball beyond the release point while enjoying benefits related to baseball holds.

Developed under the guidance of Ron Wolforth and Randy Sullivan, the TAP Baseball Training Sock has provided solid results with athlete training and recovery. An excellent tool for developing posterior shoulder strength, it can also be effective for reinforcing efficient deceleration patterns.

The Baseball Training Sock is made of heavy-weight fabric with more of the look of a bag than a sock to allow free movement of the hand releasing the ball. This durable product was developed for weighted balls up to 21 oz in weight. Instructions for use are not included.

The following video is courtesy of Randy Sullivan from The ARMory Power Pitching Academy (click here) and explains their use of the TAP Baseball Training Sock.

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