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The TAP™ Connector Throwing Club is designed to help develop a connected and efficient overhand throwing pattern. Created at the request of Ron Wolforth, and used at both the Texas Baseball Ranch® and the Florida Baseball Ranch®, the device is utilized as a tool to help correct the out-of-sequence external rotation of the throwing shoulder in relationship to the rotation of the torso at weight-bearing heel plant. It is intended for use to replicate throwing drills and has its greatest impact when used in blended drills with a regulation baseball and the Connection Ball.


  • Used to replicate throwing drills
  • Helps Increase Biomechanical Efficiency
  • Aids Kinetic Chain Sequencing
  • Facilitates an Efficient Throwing Pattern
  • Great Blending Tool in Conjunction with the Connection Ball and a Regulation Baseball


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The Connector Throwing Club was developed to help create a more efficient arm pattern when throwing and to aid in the reduction/elimination of arm pain. Throwing a baseball at a superior level requires being “connected” and the Connector provides a tool that can aid in developing a more efficient movement pattern.

In addition to being used to address mechanical inefficiency, the Connector has been found beneficial in addressing other common “disconnections” that limit a player’s ability to throw hard and demonstrate an elite level of command. Disconnections have been defined as instances when a body part acts independently, away from the natural synergy of the rest of the body, and/or apart from a stable spine. Disconnections add stress to the connective tissue that can result in injury, premature fatigue, and/or difficulty with recovery. The Connector has been effective in addressing disconnections termed at the Baseball Ranch® as Crossing the Acromial Line, Inverted W, Elevated Distal Humerus, and Forearm Fly-out.

The throwing efficiencies created by the Connector™ result from the proprietary design of the device. The device’s center of mass is located about 12″ above the hand when thrown, as opposed to the center being in the palm, which would be the case when throwing a baseball. The length of the Connector makes the body keenly aware of the positioning of the center of mass, thereby enhancing proprioception. The positive outcome achieved when using the Connector results from a combination of the leveraged weight of the device and the user’s body awareness while allowing the body to find its own ideal movement pattern.

The Connector is made of solid wood, 16″ long with a barrel diameter of approximately 2.75″, handle diameter of approximately 1.5” and a weight of approximately 18 ounces. It is designed to be thrown into a net, with intent, at a designated target area. Any net and target selected for use should be capable of withstanding continued intense impact and regularly inspected to ensure suitability for use. It should never be thrown against a hard surface as damage to the Connector and surface impacted may occur. The device should never be thrown in the direction of another athlete or onlooker.

The device has a finished painted surface and can become slippery with use. It is recommended the same precautions be taken with the Connector as would be taken with a standard wooden bat such as taping the handle or using a bat grip.

When using the Connector, it is recommended the device be used in blended drills with a regulation baseball; the athlete should not make more than five consecutive throws with the Connector without making at least one throw with a regulation baseball.

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