Gyro Ball Forearm and Grip Trainer


  • All you need do is to increase the speed by making a rotational wrist movement and to keep in sync with the spinning of the ball. The faster you spin the harder your muscles work.
  • Internal LED bulbs will light up when the ball is in motion. Small, compact, and transportable, you can take anywhere.
  • It is powered by rotating the wrist and the speed can reach up to 12.000RPM. The counter function allows you to check your rotating speed.
  • Strengthen fingers, wrists, hands, forearms, shoulders, and bicep, etc., and also be beneficial in promoting co-ordination and blood circulation.
  • Simple to start with a pull-string. Rehabilitates sore muscles and joints, great for musicians, guitarists, pianists, drummers.

Enjoy the benefits and fun of gyro ball fitness science with dynamic resistance for your workout. Effectively target every muscle group and tendon from your fingers to your shoulders in just 3 minutes a day.



13,500 RPM
Up to 35 lbs of Torque
Starter Cord (included)
Training CD (included)
Hard impact resistance shell
Targets every muscle from your fingers to your shoulder
Great for Baseball Players!
This gyro ball uses resistance force to generate up to 35 pounds of torque and is the ideal product for anyone looking to improve dexterity, strength, coordination, and accelerate healing time. The Gyro Ball Pro will increase blood flow in the first three minutes and is the only product on the market that you can feel the effects in the first 30 seconds. The Gyro Ball Pro is an excellent tool to aid in the relief and prevention of Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow, and other repetitive stress injuries. With the Gyro Ball Pro, you can use a wide variety of natural and fluid range of motions to simulate a particular sports motion or just your everyday range of movements. The advantage of being able to use these natural and fluid motions in your workout is that you are able to target every flexor, extensor, tendon, and muscle from your fingers to your shoulders with just one product!



Integrated High Tec Stainless Steel Rotor
100% Precision And Smoothness
2 Mm Thick Stainless Steel Axle Pegs
Hard Coated Aluminum Housing
Heavy Duty Bearings
Replacement Guide Ring Included
NOT Compatible with Speedmeter
Metal Display Case
The V-Power Gyro utilizes German precision engineering to create up to 17,000 rpm and 60 pounds of silky-smooth dynamic resistance in the palm of your hand. Not only will you get an awesome workout - thanks to the raw power of the V-Power gyro - but it also looks amazing sitting on your desk or coffee table enclosed in its metal display case. The V-Power features a new compact design that sits comfortably in the palm of your hand and enables greater control over the gyro. This product is perfect for the experienced Powerballer, Mixed Martial Artist, or extreme athlete looking for a challenge or a way to get a competitive edge in their sport of choice. Metal display case included.

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