8″ Tall Intermediate Portable Pitching Mound


Intermediate (13+) 8″ Tall, 30″ Wide
$469 (Free Shipping)

The most popular portable pitching mound of the bunch, the intermediate mound is 2 inches taller but maintains the 1″ per foot slope, so the incline starts further back giving an extra 16″ between the pitching rubber and the end of the ramp.

When folded the intermediate is 32x30x17. When laid out the intermediate is 30x96x8. The intermediate mound weighs 100 pounds but does not feel like it when folded and balanced on the wheels. It is still very easy to move.

We do not recommend the use of metal spikes on any of our pitching mounds.

  • Easy To Move
  • Foldable – Easy to Fold
  • All models come with Wheels
  • Super Durable
  • 5 Different Sizes Available
  • Order Yours Today While They’re Available!

Note: Current Assembly Estimate (updated 7/28/22):
2 and a half weeks processing
3-5 days in transit