10″ Tall Adult Size Portable Pitching Mound



Adult 10″ Tall, 30″ Wide
$579 (Free Shipping)

The adult version shares the tri-fold roll-away form factor of the youth and intermediate mounds and is offered because the pitching rubber on high school (and above) pitching mounds are 10 inches higher than home plate. It’s a quality product just like all of the other sizes, but when asked I generally recommend the 8″ tall intermediate mound, even for older players. The two sizes are the same length, but the 8-inch tall mound is much lighter and therefore easier to transport. There is also substantial savings on the cost.

The exact dimensions of the 10-inch tall pitching mound are 32x30x23 when folded and 30x96x10 when in use. It weighs 120 pounds. For comparison, the adult mound is 2 inches taller and 20 pounds heavier than the intermediate mound.

  • Easy To Move
  • Foldable – Easy to Fold
  • All models come with Wheels
  • Super Durable
  • 5 Different Sizes Available
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