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King of the Hill Pro

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We are excited to introduce the King of The Hill Pro. This revolutionary tool is an upgrade from the original King of The Hill. This model really brings it home with cutting-edge technology designed to give you the real feel of pitching on a mound during a real game. Like the original King of the Hill, the pro model has a few upgrades to deliver a more surreal feel. The rubber has been upgraded to be a real genuine rubber used on Major League Baseball fields. The contact surface used to drive power from the ground up has been improved to a state-of-the-art surface built so you can toss on your cleats and work on pitching in a real game-type situation. Designed to perfection, the King of The Hill is the model used by 27 MLB Teams today. Want to use what the pros use to work on pitching mechanics and increase pitching velocity? The King of The Hill Pro is what you are looking for.  Take your game to the next level and start working on the driving from the ground up.

  • Teaches pitchers how to USE THEIR LEGS the right way!
  • Gives the pitcher INSTANT audible and visceral feedback!
  • Increases Pitching Velocity
  • Produces an Efficient Pitching Delivery
  • Reduces Stress on the Arm as delivery is cleaned up
  • Gives Pitchers the “ah-ha” moment that makes everything sync!
  • BONUS: Comes with 15 free training videos when you order from this page today!
  • Free Shipping to anywhere in the Continental USA!
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This is the King of the Hill Pro pitcher’s leg-drive training tool with fifteen training videos: The most advanced velocity enhancement technology known to baseball science. Puts your fastball into hyper-drive.

Here’s how it works.

First off, we have to understand how pitch-velocity is developed. It does not start with the arm. Speedy arm motion depends on whip-like torque from the core and hips. But whip-like torque from the body depends upon powerful leg drive.

PITCH VELOCITY DEPENDS ON LEG DRIVE. Without correct and powerful motion toward the plate by the back leg, the core will not whip, and the arm will have to throw unsupported by the body. LEG DRIVE IS THE FIRST AND NECESSARY INGREDIENT FOR THROWING FAST PITCHES.


This is where so many pitchers go wrong. How many times do coaches tell pitchers, “use your legs?” How many times do fans and coaches look at a pitcher and shake their heads? “He’s got so much gas he’s leaving in the tank.”

When a pitcher is leaving gas in the tank, it’s probably because he’s starting out all wrong. He’s got no leg drive.

That’s where King of the Hill comes in.

King of the Hill teaches the pitcher to develop the proper mechanics necessary for dynamite leg drive and explosive velocity. It’s a staple in bullpens throughout minor and major league baseball and many college programs. (27 out of the 30 MLB teams/organizations own at least 1 King of the Hill.  Many of the teams have multiple units to train all of their pitchers with!)

It’s a super-heavy duty pitching rubber on a solid steel base with a top plate. Except, when the pitcher applies enough ground force against it when he starts his motion towards his target, the top plate moves back a little. If it moves back enough, it clicks. And when it clicks, you know you’ve generated enough leg drive to initiate the kinetic energy to propel a thunder and lightning fastball.

The resistance on the rubber (top plate) is adjustable for all ages and levels. The point is, the more a pitcher uses the King of the Hill Trainer, the more muscle memory he develops for proper leg drive. It gives the pitcher instant feedback. His ears hear, and his body feels the “a-ha” moment when he has perfected the subtle, powerful, and mechanically perfect leg drive.

This propels the upper legs and core to rotate powerfully like a flash, which pushes the throwing arm to whip a screaming heater right by the batter.

No need for coaches guessing when it looks like you have enough leg drive. The King of the Hill tells the young pitcher instantly and flawlessly.

If you think it’s easy, you might be surprised. But proper leg drive is absolutely necessary to pitching success.

But you get so much more than just technology. You also get my sixteen training videos, with even more pitching drills, showing you how to maximize velocity gains with your King of the Hill.

King of the Hill is an amazing tool. But no tool is any good if you don’t know how to use it. When you get your King of the Hill from YouGoProBaseball, I teach you the most innovative and productive ways to use it. King of the Hill plus the training program I have built around it will put extra zip in the fastball like nothing else. No one else includes a video training program specially geared to the King of the Hill.

  • The King of the Hill Pitcher’s Training Tool is the best pitcher’s trainer on the market for teaching the use of creating ground force and kinetic energy in the pitching delivery.
  • The 1st source of ‘Kinetic Energy’ that transfers directly to arm speed (that is what is missing or not utilized properly in the majority of pitchers) is the legs.
  • Leg Drive increases separation in the HIP and upper body increasing “Torque”
  • Kibler and Chandler calculated that a 20% decrease in kinetic energy delivered from (back leg drive) to the hip and trunk to the arm requires a 34% increase in the rotational velocity of the shoulder to impart the same amount of force to the hand.
  • Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion: The Law of Reaction – “For every Action force, there is an equal and oppositely-directed Reaction force.”
  • The release velocity of baseball pitches equals the amount of straight-line toward-home-plate force that pitchers apply times the time period over which pitchers apply their forces divided by the mass of the baseballs.
Get Your King of the Hill Pro Trainer now!

Normally $499.  Now Only $449 – with FREE SHIPPING for a limited time only! PLUS A FREE 15 VIDEO TRAINING SYSTEM! (You cannot find these videos anywhere besides ordering a King of the Hill Pro from this page!)

See what others are saying about the King of the Hill:

“The King of the Hill allows our pitchers at Wake Forest Baseball to train and get feedback immediately.  It’s a great product for all pitchers to understand how their lower half works!  And also keep them in sequence during their delivery.  It’s a must for any pitcher looking to improve.”  – Matt Hobbs (Wake Forest Pitching Coach)

“We (The Royals) love velocity as much as anyone but most importantly we want to maximize and develop velocity with our pitchers by maximizing leg drive and momentum through the target.  We love how the King of the Hill Trainer helps to re-assure our pitchers to do just that!  I recommend the King of the Hill to pitchers of all ages that want to maximize their lower half.”  – Larry Carter (Kansas City Royals Pitching Coordinator and former MLB Pitcher)

“The King of the Hill gives our pitchers instant feedback on their lower half engagement and has become a big part of our everyday pitchers routine.  Learning to engage and use the lower half properly is something that will benefit pitchers of all ages!  I think every pitcher should incorporate a King of the Hill in their throwing program.  I wish I had one when I was playing!”  – Shaun Marcum (10 year MLB Pitcher/Pitching Coach)

“I had a kid go from 85-88 mph to 90-91 mph working on the King of the Hill.  He went from just ok to now a Sunday Starter!”  – Drew Thomas (Pitching Coach for Coastal Carolina)

“After I was introduced to the Leg Drive Trainer it was a no-brainer for me.  Every pitcher wants to throw harder along with keeping a sound and healthy arm.  Well my belief is that using your lower half and legs can make both of those happen.  The King of the Hill Trainer will teach this for pitchers at any level.”  – Coach Serrano (Tennessee Volunteers)

“The King of the Hill Trainer has been a great asset to our pitching staff in our time here.  The auditory feedback creates a “self teach” for our pitchers and allows our pitchers to constantly understand how their lower half and shoulder work in the delivery.  I recommend the King of the Hill to any pitcher that wants their lower half to work.”  – Jimmy Belanger (U of Kentucky Baseball Pitching Coach)

“Our pitchers love working with the King of the Hill Leg Drive Trainer!  It gives instant feedback on your ability or inability to engage your lower half when throwing.  In only a few weeks it has made a real difference for our pitchers!  I would highly recommend the King of the Hill for any pitcher who is looking to take their game to the next level.”  – Dan Hubbs (USC Trojans Pitching Coach)

“We have been using the King of the Hill Trainer for over a year now with great success.  We are always pushing the envelope seeking out new drills that help develop our pitchers.  The audible feedback the KOTH provides makes it second to none when it comes to developing the lower half.  Everyone should know that pitching starts in the lower half and the timing that this Trainer develops is spot on!  I recommend the King of the Hill to anyone looking to learn how to use their legs when pitching.  THIS TRAINER IS A MUST!”  – Rick Knapp (LA Dodgers Pitching Coordinator)

“The King of the Hill teaches the Pitcher how to engage his lower half!  We now have 7 Trainers in the Cubs organization!”  – Derek Johnson (Chicago Cubs Pitching Coordinator)

“I wish I would have had the King of the Hill earlier in my career.  The King of the Hill is an essential part of my training and the first device I’ve found to give instant feedback on ground force production.  Throwing upper 90’s to 100 mph, I have to use my legs.  The King of the Hill will definitely help you understand the timing and power of your drive leg to get the most out of your lower half.”  – Trevor Rosenthal (MLB All-Star)

“The King of the Hill is a great tool to help the pitcher generate energy off the backside and feel the drive and explosion off the rubber.”  – Ruben Niebla (Cleveland Indians Pitching Coordinator)

“I’ve seen a lot of devices but none have had as much impact on our pitchers as the King of the Hill.  I’ve seen improvements all the way from Rookie Ball to AAA!  I encourage everyone to consider the King of the Hill.  You will not be disappointed!”  – Paul Menhart (Washington Nationals Pitching Coach)

“A must for all programs that are serious about pitching and how to use the lower half.  Whether you are a travel ball organization, a training facility, or a high-level competitor competing for championships, the King of the Hill’s instant feedback allows pitchers of all ages to maximize leg drive and learn how to engage the lower half in your delivery.”  – Mike Bell (Florida State Pitching Coach)

“This tool is amazing!  I use the King of the Hill pitching platform exclusively to teach my students how to properly create energy from the back leg.  Instant feedback through SOUND and FEEL is the reason I have so much success with this tool.  This is the best tool to help teach a strong drive and highly recommend this to any pitching instructor or player that wants to improve energy down the mound.”  – Steve Ontiveros (11 year MLB veteran and All-Star Pitcher)


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