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Weighted Ball – Extreme Duty Set of Six


The TAP Extreme Duty Sand-Filled Weighted Ball is a durable weighted ball used for arm health, pitching velocity, and baseball batting drills.

  • Suitable for throwing against hard surfaces
  • Develops arm strength
  • Improves arm speed
  • Improves arm action
  • Can be used in hitting exercises

This set includes:

  • Qty 1 – Weighted Ball, 3.5-Ounce
  • Qty 1 – Weighted Ball, 5-Ounce
  • Qty 1 – Weighted Ball, 7-Ounce
  • Qty 1 – Weighted Ball, 14-Ounce
  • Qty 1 – Weighted Ball, 21-Ounce
  • Qty 1 – Weighted Ball, 32-Ounce
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The TAP Extreme Duty™ Weighted Balls are designed for institutional and commercial use. The 3.5, 5, 7, 14, and 21-oz balls are the approximate size of a baseball while the 32-oz ball is slightly larger. These sand-filled mini-medicine balls are pliable, squeezable, and easy to handle. They are ideal for exercises and drills in environments where rebounding is not desired.

Resilient and small, these weighted balls were designed to be used in close quarters as tools to improve arm strength and increase arm speed. They are excellent tools for providing resistance through the full range of motion used in throwing. They can be thrown against hard surfaces, padding, or net.

Following is an example of the TAP Extreme Duty Weighted Balls being used at a commercial facility. The balls are being used in sequence from heavy to light.

The balls are color-coded and available in six different weights: 3.5 oz (Orange); 5 oz (Purple); 7 oz (Red); 14 oz (Yellow); 21 oz (Blue) and 32 oz (Green).

These weighted implements are not toys and should be used with proper instruction and supervision in areas where there are no sharp edges or points. There is a 90-day limited warranty against manufacturing and material defects. Instructions for use are not included.

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