Tyrus Grip Products [Big Bundle] – Pine Tar, Grip Stick, Rag, Bat Scraper, Rosin, and More!

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The perfect team starter package to get your team used to using professional grade grip products to enhance their game. Also makes a great gift for that high school, college, or professional player. Here’s what you’ll get in the “Big Bundle” that can only be found right here on YouGoProBaseball:

-Tyrus Thick & Sticky Pine Tar (16 oz)
-Tyrus Premium Pine Tar Gel (4.5 oz)
-Tyrus Premium Grip Stick (3.5 oz)
-Tyrus Cold Weather Grip Stick (4 oz)
-Tyrus Big League Rosin Bag (9″x6″x2″)
-Tyrus Pine Tar Rag (select color)
-Tyrus Bat Scraper (select color)

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There’s nothing better than having a bag full or grip products to have at your disposal. Grab a Tyrus “Big Bundle” to share with your team or keep all the goodies for yourself! A baseball player just isn’t a baseball player if they don’t have a little (or a lot) of tar in various places. Cake up your helmet with some pine tar, load up your bat with some grip stick, add a little rosin to everything! But no matter what you do, don’t go throwing your bat around the yard like a rookie with no stick em’. Here’s what you’ll be getting…

Tyrus Thick & Sticky Pine Tar (16 oz)

•Improves grip immediately
•Must be applied with a pine tar rag
•For the player that likes their pine tar like they like their women…thicker than a bowl of oatmeal
•Easy to open screw-on lid

Tyrus Premium Pine Tar Gel (4.5 oz)

•No pine tar rag needed as gel will not run (rag may be used if preferred)
•Product contains rosin & immediately improves your grip
•Squeeze 2 dime sized drops on the bat & move around the applied area reducing the tar to a thin coating

Tyrus Premium Grip Stick (3.5 oz)

•As the leader of baseball grip products, Tyrus has developed this new and improved formulation that is stickier than all of the other grip stick brands
•Holds up very well in the heat
•Use on wood, BBCOR & composite
•Improves grip instantly

Tyrus Cold Weather Grip Stick (4 oz)

• Designed specifically for cold weather play
• Use in conditions 50°F and below
• Store in refrigerator when not in use for best results
• “Gives you the grip to sit and rip in cold weather”

Tyrus Big League Rosin Bag

•Used to enhance grip to both pitchers and hitters
•Durable poly-cotton rosin bag with natural tree rosin
•Found on many professional pitching mounds and on-deck circles today

Tyrus Pine Tar Rag

•Durable & effective – keeps tar off of hands when applying to bat
•Velcro enables pine tar rag to stay closed when not in use keeping your equipment bag mess free
•Use with all varieties of Tyrus Pine Tar
•9″ x 6″ x 2″ (folded)

Tyrus Bat Scraper

•An easy way to clear off grip products from your bat!
•Some ballplayers like to clear off some or all of the grip product from their bats from time to time. They may feel like there is too much pine tar, grip stick, or both building up on their bat. Luckily we have the perfect tool for you!

You cannot find this “Big Bundle” anywhere, not even on the Tyrus site, besides here at YouGoProBaseball. Normally together all of this would cost $135 but for a short time, this “Big Bundle” is on sale for only $99. Take advantage while it lasts! (Add to cart button towards top of page)