King of the Swing


The King of the Swing trains players to load and engage the back leg while hitting, to create a transfer of energy in a chain reaction throughout the body to increase bat speed. The trainer encourages proper form and technique to drive the hitter directly toward the pitcher with a long radius stride length. The trainer gives a feeling of proper form and technique driving directly toward the pitcher, rather than depending on verbal commands or visual aids, and returns an immediate audible feedback signal when done correctly. The hitter will step on the top plate of the trainer with light resistance, keeping the back knee inside the foot, and perform multiple reps as if they were hitting in a game setting or off of a tee. Once the player develops the directional force that transfers throughout the body, they will challenge their ability by turning the lever at the back of the patented spring housing to increase the amount of force is takes to hear the audible feedback signal, which will result in increased bat speed. Take your game to the next level and start working on driving from the ground up.

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