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Shoulder Tube


The Shoulder Tube dynamically stabilizes the shoulder and increases blood flow. Great warm-up, cool-down, and strengthening tool for all overhead throwing athletes.

  • Increases blood flow
  • Improves shoulder flexibility
  • Increases shoulder and arm strength
  • Improves arm health and durability
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The Shoulder Tube™ is designed to effectively condition and prepare the shoulder for throwing movements, particularly for overhand athletes. Its deliberate oscillation, often referred to as the ‘Javelin’ by ESPN analysts, involves slow and rhythmic movements of the arm. This motion causes the counterweighted ends of the Shoulder Tube™ to stretch and shorten the targeted muscle group, resulting in an eccentric and concentric phase.

The positioning and flexion of the Shoulder Tube™ determine which muscle groups are targeted during exercise. By controlling the omnidirectional movement of the counterweights throughout the shoulder’s full range of motion, the device promotes increased flexibility and blood flow to the shoulder complex. The round shaft construction and flexibility of the device allow athletes to customize the intensity of their shoulder workouts.

The rotational motion of the counterweights generates energy that is transferred back to the shoulder, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the exercise. Although initially designed for pitchers, the Shoulder Tube™ is suitable for all athletes who engage in throwing activities.

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