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The MaxBP Original Package Overview

MaxBP Original Package

This is the most popular grouping of products for the amateur through high school level athletes when purchasing a MaxBP for use at home, on the road, or off-season use. And saves you 20%+ over buying the items separately!

MaxBP Original Machine Plugs in-wall or extension cord
Portable Battery Pack Lasts up to 8-hours, great for outdoor use where outlets are not easily accessible. Tripod to mount your MaxBP machine and adjust height and angle – we offer two options a lightweight and heavy-duty (+$40)

96 White-color, golf Sized, WIFFLE® golf balls
While you get 96 white with the machine, the most popular variation which adds to the number of drills you can do is the mixed color balls. 2 Ball Bags for the 96 white and the 96 mixed. MaxBP ball bags hold 120 WIFFLE® golf balls. Machine Bag to carry your machine and balls around. Shoulder strap and handles for carrying. Two interior pockets, one zipper, one velcro. Lots of padding for protecting your machine.