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I do my best to get everything processed and shipped out as fast as possible.

Most orders are processed within 24-48 hours.

Here are the estimated shipping times for products on my site:

Jersey Shadow Boxes, Bat Displays, and Ball Displays (usually ships UPS Ground and sometimes USPS) 1-2 days processing 1-7 days shipping.


Flyball 500 (usually ships USPS Priority Mail) 1-2 days processing 2-3 days shipping

King of the Hill (usually ships Fed Ex Ground)  1-2 days processing 1-7 days shipping

Team Defender Catcher’s Thumb (usually ships USPS)  1-2 days processing 2-7 days shipping

All other products 1-2 days processing 1-7 days shipping

If your order has not arrived in this time frame, please give us a call to track your package down.  Thanks so much!