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ZV-TEE LED Infused Batting Tee



By isolating the #1 most important aspect of hitting (keeping your head down and trained on the point of contact), you will enhance your focus in the box and become a better hitter.


Every hitter’s body requires a connected approach to swing effectively. By learning to keep your head down, you will develop all-around better mechanics.


Hitting is about repeating good habits. By practicing with perfection, you will become a better hitter as reflected in batting average and success at the plate.

  •  LED Fibers Will Illuminate One of 5 Random Colors For a Fraction of a Second After Contact is Made With The Ball (the light flash feature can be programmed by you from .1 second to .9 seconds of on-time).
  • 3MM Thick Rubber Cylinder Securely Holds Ball With Durability
  • Aluminum Capsule Houses Battery Pack (4 Free AAA Batteries included with purchase).
  • Adjustable Mainframe Allows For Training at Multiple Heights.
  • Balanced Base Fortifies Tee During Swings.
  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • PayPal
  • Does your player have a problem keeping their head down and watching the bat hit the ball? This is the most critical aspect of hitting, and the ZV-Tee is here to help. We’ve pioneered revolutionary technology in pursuit of finding the way to isolate this crucial part of hitting effectively goes here.

  • The Zone Visual Tee (ZV-Tee) is a cutting edge tool that helps today’s elite players reinforce the need to keep their head down though their swing, which results in truer contact with the ball. This new technology uses LED fibers, built into the tee, to teach the hitter to keep their eye focused on random color flashes once the ball has been struck. The batter has a split second to see the color displayed so they must keep their head through the zone.

Are you ready to become a “Hitting Machine”? You’ll thank us later when you see your batting average.

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