Valle Eagle T25


The Valle Eagle Series! The Eagle T25 is a 25″ sized training mitt that will help any catcher in their pursuit of improving the skill of receiving a baseball, having it caught consistently in the same proper area of the mitt, with the end result of a quicker transfer of the ball from the mitt to the throwing hand. Don’t be mislead by the size of the Eagle T25 in thinking this mitt can not handle hard throwing pitchers or machines you may be training with.

The Eagle T25 is built extremely strong, durable and solid and is made to not be floppy as some lesser quality mitts are, which would not allow them to be used with higher velocity pitching. No “lucky” catches with this mitt! Great for all drills that a catcher would do to improve their skills from just receiving the ball, working on ball transfer, blocking, picking the short hop out of the dirt and more.