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CRT Belts

Introducing the CRT Belt, a game-changing tool designed to enhance your receiving strength and mechanics on the field. When facing high-speed pitches with lots of movement, it’s crucial to be strong with your glove to maintain control and ensure accurate ball reception.

With the CRT Belt, you can develop the fluidity and strength needed to handle challenging pitches effectively. By building receiving strength, you’ll be able to keep your glove in the zone, preventing it from being taken away by the force of the pitch.

Umpires are more likely to make the strike call when they see your ability to control the ball, even if the pitch is largely within the strike zone. This belt is designed to help catchers generate more strikes, create more outs, and save runs, making it a valuable asset at any level of play.

When examining the mechanics of catchers like Trevino and Barnes, who wear the CRT Belt, you can see how it enhances their performance. The belt provides resistance as the glove moves towards the ball and then back up into the zone, mimicking the actions required during gameplay. This training tool is not limited to catchers who work into extension while receiving but can benefit any player looking to improve their mechanics.

Whether you’re absorbing a low fastball like Trevino or receiving a left-handed slider like Barnes, the CRT Belt assists in resisting initial movements and aids in the controlled presentation of the ball to the umpire. It complements the force creation and pitch control techniques used by top players in the game.

No matter your skill level, the CRT Belt is a valuable addition to your training routine. It helps build strength, improves receiving mechanics, warms you up for games, and provides valuable feedback for game-time performance. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to keep strikes from being called balls and earn more for your team with the CRT Belt.