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The Valle Shield Overview

The Valle Shield prioritizes batter safety, offering a significant improvement over old-style conventional L Screens. It was originally designed to protect pitchers from batted balls.

These screens are no longer suitable for the way baseball and softball hitting practices have evolved.

With the shift towards close-range batting practice, there is a heightened risk of balls ricocheting off standard L Screens at high speeds.

To address this serious issue, it is crucial to eliminate any potential dangerous ricochets.

With its patented design, effectively reduces this risk to almost zero during front toss or any close-range practice within 25 feet.

This ensures that harmful, high-velocity ricochets back towards the hitter are minimized.

Pitchers no longer need to fear the possibility of a ball breaking through the net and striking them directly when using the shield.

This innovative solution provides peace of mind and eliminates that concern.

The front hanging net design effectively eliminates nearly all ricochets back at the hitter.

This prevents baseballs or softballs from damaging the metal frame.

In just over a year, an impressive 26 MLB teams have made the switch from conventional L-Screens to the Valle Shield.