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Watch Proudly As Velocity EXPLODES From Your
Son’s Hand As He Strikes Out Even The Best Hitters In His League!

As a Parent, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your son strut off the mound with a big smile and full of confidence as his team swarms him after leading them to victory with a dominant pitching performance.

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Hi, I’m John Madden, former professional pitcher and flame thrower, but I wasn’t always able to “bring the heat”.  In fact, in high school at one point I was only topping out at 81 mph (a far cry from getting a college scholarship or professional contract).

Mostly because up until that point, I was fed a lot of BS from coaches who unfortunately didn’t know what the hell they were talking about.  But by the time I pitched in the San Diego Padres organization, I was popping the mitt at 96 mph, burning up the radar gun.  How did I do it?

I had discovered the unique, comprehensive, body/mind approach I now call the 7 Pillar Power Pitching Velocity System.  It gave me the #1 rated Sinker in the entire Padres organization, and I want to share this exact system with you.

Is your son ready to learn my secrets of how to throw blazing heat?

He can do it!  I’ve taught this system to thousands of young pitchers.  It works for them.  It worked for me.  And it WILL work for your son too!

Even if a coach won’t let your son close to the mound right now, he’ll still learn to unleash thunder and lightning past any batter.  He WILL be noticed.

No matter where he’s at right now, your son can increase his fastball velocity anywhere from 5-15 mph quickly and safely with my new program, Pitching Velocity Secrets

Using the 7 Pillar Power Pitching Velocity System, in just 30 days he will experience eye-popping results.  Ear popping results too. (Your catcher might need a new glove…seriously)

If you’re not AMAZED by how your son’s fastball intimidates even the best batters, we will rush your money back instantaneously.  You have no risk.

I’m not worried.  By executing upon these secrets, your son will earn the trust of his coaches, the admiration of his teammates, and respect throughout the rest of the league.

These Pitching Velocity Secrets took me from 81 to 96 mph.. and they will help your son pitch faster too!


It’s the exclusive, secret formula in Pitching Velocity Secrets

It’s my 7 Pillar Power Pitching Velocity System.

A pitcher is more than just a strong arm.  He needs the knowledge to understand how to pitch right, and he needs the lionheart conviction to know he absolutely can and will destroy any batter.  Only the 7 Pillar Power Pitching Velocity System provides the total training, body, mind, and heart, your son needs to deliver the ferocious, blow-em away, max payload of strikeout power already inside him.

7 Pillar Power Pitching Velocity System Pitching Velocity Secrets

Here’s the 7 Pillars:

1. Mindset:  I didn’t realize until my senior year at Auburn University how important mindset is.  Once I understood that I was THE bad-ass on the mound who could dominate anyone, I went from mediocre to All-American in one season.  I teach your son the fierce determination and total conviction he needs to obliterate the opposing lineup.  Without that, no pitcher can truly succeed, no matter how well trained and fit he is.

2. Movement (aka Mechanics):  To pitch fast, you have to pitch RIGHT.  The entire kinetic chain, from legs to hips to core to shoulder to arm, all must be in sync.  My Five Power Pitching Mechanical Musts turn the body into a powerful whip.  The ball will EXPLODE out of your son’s hand when his whole body is synchronized.  Which means fewer arm injuries too!

AND, I show your son how to avoid the Nine Velocity Killers.  Many coaches actually teach young pitchers these career killing mistakes.  Like they did me.  Finding and fixing just one could dramatically improve your son’s power and velocity.

3. Strength & Explosiveness:  A pitcher doesn’t need to have a bodybuilder’s body, but he does need a pitcher’s body.  The stronger your son’s legs, arms, and especially his core are, the faster he can ignite the whole kinetic chain.  Exercises in Pitching Velocity Secrets build the fast-twitch muscles every pitcher needs for extreme velocity.  And no need for gym equipment.

4. Mobility:  Did you know that a 1 MPH increase in hip velocity could result in as much as a 10 MPH increase in arm speed?  Or that 80% of velocity comes from hip to shoulder separation?  To execute the whip-like motion of a power pitcher, the whole body needs to be flexible and mobile.  Pitching Velocity Secrets provides the drills and exercises to make your son’s body snap like that whip.

5. Throwing Progression:  

6. Recovery:

7. Analysis:

AND, I teach your son how to set goals.  Only the 7 Pillar Power Pitching Velocity System has the same goal tracking program the pros use.  No pitcher ever achieved greatness without the kind of purpose and discipline I teach in this Velocity SystemNo one else does that.

Like I always say, where focus goes, energy flows.  Success begins in the mind, heart and soul of the pitcher.

Mechanics, mobility, muscle, mindset and so much more.  Only Pitching Velocity Secrets trains the whole pitcher.  Body, mind, and heart, full of confidence, all working as one.  Your son will be victorious; a mound assassin

Here’s what you’ll be getting…

10 Velocity Producing Modules
(accessible on any device, at any time!)

*Lifetime Access*

  • Module #1 – The 7 Pillar Power Pitching Velocity System and how to gain velocity quickly and safely.
  • Module #2 – The 4 things a lot of pitchers don’t have, so they never reach their max velocity (You Need These!)
  • Module #3 – The 5 Power Pitching Mechanical Musts (including the Angled Corkscrew and the Front Leg Fulcrum)
  • Module #4 – How to have effortless velocity. (Pitch Faster with ease!)
  • Module #5 – How to make sure you’re getting the most possible velocity while staying free from injury.
  • Module #6 – The Magic Formula for Throwing Progressions.
  • Module #7 – How to stay free from injury with your new velocity gains.
  • Module #8 – How to speed up your velocity gains. (Cut down the time it takes to increase velocity!)
  • Module #9 – Putting it all together to blow fastballs by the best hitters in games.
  • Module #10 – All your free bonuses! (see below)


Bonus #1


In professional baseball, every pitch is charted for velocity, accuracy, pitch type, and result. Steal the same exact velocity chart we used in pro ball to track your pitchers to give them feedback for quicker results! Print them out and bring them to your games so you can track your velocity gains like the pros! This velocity chart comes with an accompanying video that explains exactly how to use it to get the most out of it so your pitchers excel on the mound!


Free today only with Pitching Velocity Secrets

Bonus #2


Knowing where you are is just as important as knowing where you are trying to go!  Use the velocity cheat sheet to help you identify just that!  Use this cheat sheet during your goal setting workshop that is included in this offer so that you can accomplish all of your velocity aspirations!


Free today only with Pitching Velocity Secrets

Bonus #3


Having a routine is super important when it comes to pitching and this checklist will make sure you accomplish everything you need to pre and post pitching so that you put yourself into a good place for maximum velocity gains and overall pitching success on the mound!


Free today only with Pitching Velocity Secrets

Bonus #4


This bonus includes the 12 velocity drills every pitcher must implement to develop elite velocity including some never seen before drills that hold the key to unlocking hidden velocity already within your players.  Run them through these drills and watch them start to move better and pitch faster quickly.


Free today only with Pitching Velocity Secrets

Bonus #5


The 30 day calendar


Free today only with Pitching Velocity Secrets

Bonus #6


In my video Five Power Pitching Mechanical Musts, I teach you what to do to blow away batters. But in Nine Pitching Velocity Killers I teach you what NOT to do. And almost everyone does at least some of these things. In fact, many so-called tutors actually teach these fallacies. Any one of these mistakes can break your entire kinetic chain and ruin your fastball speed. But I don’t stop there. I show you how to correct each mistake, and my drills and exercises reinforce and strengthen the mechanics you need to crush opposing batters with your fastball. This amazing video has hundreds of thousands of views, but, only with Pitching Velocity Secrets, you will also get the question and answer breakdown video of Nine Pitching Velocity Killers. Here, I use my  experience to get in-depth with students explaining the finer points of the mechanics you need for a mind-blowing fastball. You get real coaching from a real pro.


Free today only with Pitching Velocity Secrets

Bonus #7


I break down another doozy of a pitching video I call “Load to Unload”.  Here, your son learns how to make his body ERUPT… for Earth-shattering velocity gains. I discovered this unique approach to the pitching delivery on my way to a 96 mph Power Sinker, and I want your son TO KNOW THIS SECRET TOO.  Once he tries this, he’ll say “A-ha… of course.” You’ll see instant results. This video also comes with an accompanying question and answer video clarifying the many questions this video has received over its time on the internet. Only with Pitching Velocity Secrets.


Free today only with Pitching Velocity Secrets

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There’s a full, 60 day, no questions asked, full money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.  And, if you order now, I will give you my personal cell phone number to text me if you have any questions about the coaching in my program.

Some people may wonder, “Can all this really work for my son?”

Meet DJ.

He was a little kid. Real little. When he tried out for the high school team as a freshman, the head coach took one look at him and asked his assistant:

“What’s this kid doing here?” 

“We don’t have time to waste looking at little runts who can barely hit 70 on the gun. We got too many real players to look at today. Just send him home, please.”

And so ended DJ’s high school pitching career… before it ever started.

As cruel as it sounded, the coach was right. DJ was small. DJ was slow. DJ wasn’t very good. He had no business trying out for the high school team.

But this is what DJ did have. Determination. Unquenchable desire. A true lionheart. Instead of quitting, when the coaches told him he could never succeed, an irresistible force erupted within him saying: “I will succeed.”

That’s when he came to me.

I’ve said it over and over again, the only two essential elements to pitching success are the desire of the athlete and the right training. DJ supplied the desire. I supplied the training.

I gave him my program. The same one I’m offering you. First, he worked on his mechanics. We found some big fixes there, with the help of a few of my drills.

Even though DJ was small, there’s no reason he couldn’t be strong and flexible. He hit my physical training program hard, and soon he was sculpting the perfect pitcher’s body to support his new pitching mechanics.

He learned the mental side of pitching too. Belief, confidence, how to be big on the mound even with a small body. How to dominate and out-smart the batter. He tracked his progress, day-by-day. Soon, instead of struggling to hit 70 on the radar, in a few months, he was in the mid-80s.

Year after year, DJ got better and better. Mixing his pitches, keeping batters off-balance, hitting his spots. That little guy on the mound throwing in the eighties made batters look STUPID.

Too bad for the high school coaches. They had already made their decision on DJ, although it would have been better for them if they hadn’t been so stubborn. But DJ had no time for them anyway.

There were plenty of prestigious club teams that could use a fireballing craftsman like him on the mound.

DJ graduated from high school having never played on his high school team. But in the world of traveling teams, where many of the best high school players also played, he was known as THE SURGEON.

After graduation, the local junior college, Lake Sumpter, gave DJ a tryout. This time, he’s bringing high eighties, with stuff to spin your head. And he could put it in a tin can.

“Where did this kid come from?” the coach asked. He couldn’t believe he’d stumbled upon a pitcher this good with no high school experience. 

No one’s calling DJ a runt anymore.

For two years, DJ baffled the JUCO hitters, some of the best hitters from the high school leagues that he supposedly wasn’t good enough to face.

Not many of them went on to four-year college, but DJ was recruited by Brewton Parker University. Now he’s preparing for his future, getting a free-ride on full scholarship, while playing the game he loves.

DJ proved them wrong. A little guy with limited talent could rise high in baseball. By using Pitching Velocity Secrets, he increased his velocity by almost 20 MPH while flashing elite stuff and control. 

It took a lot of guts… and the right training. Proper training, not talent, is the most important ingredient for baseball success. 

Have coaches ever treated your son like DJ? Do they seem to assume your son just doesn’t “have it?” Is he having a hard time getting the coach to trust him on the mound?

That’s why you need Pitching Velocity Secrets. To give your son the explosive velocity to blow away any batter. And impress any coach.

I could tell you story after story like DJ’s. About players who practiced my training and took their game to a level they never imagined. If your son has the will, I can teach him how to dominate at any level.

See What Others Have To Say:

There’s a full, 60 day, no questions asked, full money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.  And, if you order now, I will give you my personal cell phone number to text me if you have any questions ab

Of course, you don’t have to get Pitching Velocity Secrets now. You could always wait.

Wait… to see your son’s pitching velocity reach stunning levels.

Wait… for him to become the dominant pitcher in his league.

Wait… to see his level of fun and confidence and self-esteem soar as he experiences the sweetness of success.

But why wait? For only $47, less than the cost of one tutored bullpen session, your son can have all the secrets to awesome velocity at his fingertips. Why not get started today? Why not unshackle his full potential today? Why not let today be the day your son unleashes the pitching beast already inside him? Just like DJ, all he needs is to be shown HOW. It’s all right here. Right in front of you. All you have to do is choose success. It’s not a matter of if. It’s a matter of when. 

The time for winning is now.

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