Even if your son can barely hit the ball out of the infield, here’s five great training aids that will transform his bat into a line-drive mashing machine.


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Let’s talk baseball.

You and your son have probably heard all these standard hitting cliches before.

“Keep your hands inside.”
“Drive towards the ball.”
“Stay connected.”
“Keep it short.”
“Stay on plane.”
“Keep the barrel through the zone.”

Lots of inside baseball talk. Do you sometimes wonder:

  • What does all that stuff really mean?
  • Why is it important?
  • And, especially, how does my son accomplish all that?

Why it’s important.

That’s easy. If your son isn’t doing these things, he’s probably not successful. It’s not about lack of talent. It’s about doing things right. If he learns and practices proper swing mechanics, he’ll know the sweet taste of baseball success. The fun of feeling the ball hit the barrel of the bat and sailing fast and far. The esteem and respect of his coaches and teammates. And brimming confidence he can take with him not just to the baseball field, but everywhere, all the time..

But without these mechanics, your son’s probably been muttering sadly to himself, “I’m just no good.”

If this is your son, it’s NOT HIS FAULT. Because of the latest baseball science, you can save your son from this frustration.

Here’s what it all means.

Since Ted Williams years ago published his seminal book, The Science of Hitting, baseball analytics has come to an ever-clearer knowledge of what kind of swing works and what kind doesn’t. The above phrases describe the swing mechanics of every successful hitter. In the old days, the “Greats” were just lucky enough to figure these things out instinctively. Happily, today we know how to teach proper scientific swing mechanics. Success in baseball isn’t mainly about luck and intuition anymore. It’s about following the science.

How does my son accomplish great
swing mechanics and hitting success?

Here’s the Answer. This weekend only I have a
package of five products for under $100

Both the knowledge and the tools your son needs to become the top slugger on any team. Five products, one comprehensive program, that will show your boy how to swing, train him how to swing, and ensure he is actually executing the science of proper hitting.

Five Great Batting Training Tools for Under $100


It starts with my top-of-the-line, pro-level level training course, Swing Plane Secrets. In this ten video series, I teach your son how to keep his bat in the zone for the max time possible. To increase his chances of making strong contact for more hits. Yes, he learns what it means to stay inside the ball, how to stay connected, how to maintain a short swing; all the fundamentals of hitting mechanics practiced by sluggers everywhere.

Swing Plane Secrets also contains the best drills to build the muscle memory for the proper swing plane. All the secrets I learned from my time in the pros. Even if all that inside baseball talks leaves your head spinning, I make understanding proper hitting mechanics as simple and clear as old time rock and roll..


John Baseball Bats

Now that your son is making contact, time to add POWER. For that, I have Bat Speed Secrets. Correct swing plane + bat speed = super-slugger. Bat speed means you can wait on the pitch a little longer. Figure out the trajectory of the pitch. Figure out your timing. Make more contact.

And more bat speed means more exit velocity. Which means more HOME RUNS.

It’s another ten video training series where I lay out the mechanical secrets of enhanced bat speed. And the best drills and exercises to develop it.


Knowing how to swing isn’t the same as actually doing it. After studying my training, how do you and your son know he’s actually applying these mechanical principles?

Here’s how.

It’s deceptively simple. It’s called Swingrail. This is what it looks like.

swingrail trainer women

This is what it does.


Watch how it works

In short, if your son swings long, drags the bat, casts the bat, rolls over, does all those bad things, the Swingrail will let him know.. When your son executes a perfect swing, the bat just slides off the loop on the Swingrail, giving your son instant positive feedback.

How great is that? Even if your son is making every mistake in the book, by mastering the Swingrail, he’s overcoming those mistakes and mastering the hitting techniques that the best mashers in the pros use.

Now you won’t need to waste so much money on one-on-one tutorials, listening to the coach say, “stay connected,” “don’t rollover,” etc, etc, over and over again for $100 an hour.

With Swingrail he knows he’s swinging RIGHT. It even becomes a habit.

Here’s what one dad had to say about the Swingrail:
Great for when athletes think they are doing it right
My son started casting his arms out when batting and he would swear he was not. Even showed him video on how bad it was. At first, he hated using the swing rail and said it did not work. Then good old father puts it on and starts nailing the ball with no issues. He then started giving it a try going slow still he found a rhythm that worked for him. Eventually, after a week he was nailing line drives out to the fence and his bat speed increased 22 mph.


LineDrivePro & SwingRail Bundle Yellow

Here’s another great training aid that provides instant feedback to ensure your son is executing the proper swing. It’s called the Line Drive Pro. It was developed by former major leaguer and current major league batting coach, Jacob Cruz. The Line Drive Pro wraps around your bat with a tennis ball attached. When your son swings the tennis ball flies off. If it goes to the left or right, the swing plane is wrong. If it goes straight up the middle the swing plane is right.

This is not easy, but by learning how to make the ball go straight away your son perfects his swing. If his swing is wrong it just won’t work. The perfect cure for bat drag, long swings, rollover, and all that other trash interfering with your son’s success. Just by swinging the bat.

Is it too good to be true? Here’s what one dad says:
Great product! I bought the Line drive pro trainer after trying to help my son with his swing. When he got into a slump it lasted what seemed to be an eternity. As a parent, you get the private lessons with a hitting instructor, buy hitting aids that you think might help. Finally, I came across the LDPT through another parent who highly recommended it. I can’t tell you what a difference it’s made not only with his swing but with his confidence at the plate. No other product has helped my son the way this product has!

Isolator Pad

Isolator Pad flat

During batting practice with tennis or wiffle balls your son probably can’t tell when he has made contact with the “sweet spot.” No sweet spot, no power. Wrap this isolator pad around the barrel of the bat and when your son hits the ball in the sweet spot it makes a nice pop.

The sweet spot. How sweet it is. And if your son’s rolling over…No pop. More great instant feedback.

The Five Pillars of Explosive Hitting for Under $100

Here’s what you get:

  • Swing Plane Secrets……………………..$100 value
  • Bat Speed Secrets………………………..$50 value
  • Swingrail……………………………………$29.99
  • Line Drive Pro……………………………..$49.99
  • Isolator Pad………………………………..$ 7.99
  • Shipping……………………………………$14.97

Together, the value of this spectacular package is $252.94. But for this weekend only, Black Friday through midnight, Cyber-Monday, you can get these five invaluable training aids for only $99.99.

That’s $99.99……TOTAL (including shipping)

Five Great Training Aids. One Complete Training Program.

This Christmas give the gift of baseball greatness. Right here, right now, you have the opportunity to give your son all the knowledge he needs to hit like the pros do. And the training aids he needs to make sure he puts his knowledge into practice.
Yes, a connected swing, a short swing on plane with the ball, barrelling through the zone. A consistent line-drive swing, a home run swing. Your son will know what that means. He’ll know how it feels. It’ll even come naturally. With the right knowledge. With the right training. With the right tools.
Right here, right now. Five great baseball gifts. And one more that’s most precious of all. The satisfaction, pride, and confidence your boy will get from smashing baseballs in real games. Even if your boy rarely gets on base, or even if he’s already pretty good, with this pro-level training, and these scientific training tools, your boy can hit like he’s always dreamed he could hit.

Those are out-of-the-park dreams. And yes, you can help make those dreams come true. Today.

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