Eagle 975S


Valle Eagle 975S Series in the Valle trademark all-white color – The Eagle series is made of the highest quality Japanese Steer Hide leather, and has USA tanned leather lacing. The Eagle 975S Series has the I-Web style with double lacing, easily adjustable wrist back.

We stock for both Right and Left-hand throwers!

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Introducing the Valle Eagle 975S Series, a remarkable choice for both baseball and softball players. This glove, adorned in the iconic all-white Valle trademark color, is crafted using the finest USA Steer Hide leather and features USA tanned leather lacing. The Eagle 975S Series showcases the I-Web style with double lacing, an easily adjustable wrist back, and an astonishing fit and feel that will make you question its status as a training glove.
To enhance the overall experience, the Eagle 975S boasts the phrase “Train Like A Pro” embroidered in vibrant red on the outer surface of the glove. Additionally, it offers added cushion thumb support, along with extra palm padding and “double index pads.” These innovative features cater to players who prefer wearing their glove with one finger in each finger stall or those who opt for two fingers in the pinky stall. With the finger pad now covering both the index finger and middle finger on the shell of the glove, players have convenient access to their index finger pad.
The Eagle 975S Series has long been hailed as the ultimate training glove for serious players, and it has now reached new heights of excellence.

Size: 9.75″


* Japanese Steer Hide Leather
* Velcro Wristback
* Leather welting
* Double finger pads
* More padding on palm
* I-Web style
* Double lacing on web
* Additional room in the pinky stall for players who wear their glove with two fingers in that area
* Pro USA Auburn Leather Lacing
* “Train Like A Pro” embroidered on the shell
* Thumb padding added for fit and comfort

Glove Hand

(Left Hand Glove for Right Hand Thrower), (Right Hand Glove for Left Hand Thrower)

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