Portable Pitching Mounds – Foldable with Wheels [5 Sizes Available]



  • Easy To Move
  • Foldable – Easy to Fold
  • All models come with Wheels
  • Super Durable
  • 5 Different Sizes Available
  • Order Yours Today While They’re Available!
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These unique double-hinged roll-away pitching mounds are easy and convenient to fold up and take to the ballpark. So whether you are honing your craft in the back yard, holding a team practice, or warming up in pre-game your mound can be easily set-up in a matter of minutes! Order one today, and you won’t be disappointed!

We currently offer these portable pitching mounds in 5 sizes, starting as low as $399 with FREE SHIPPING!

Option #1

    • Youth (12u) 6" Tall, 30" Wide


    $399 (Free Shipping)

The youth mound consists of three hinged sections that are 30″x26″. They are well built and very sturdy. They are easy to fold up and roll around and are covered in a high-quality outdoor carpet that is tucked under the edge of each section to avoid frayed edges.

This mound measures 26x30x14 when folded, and 78x30x6 when laid flat. It only weighs 65 pounds!

Recommended for players 12 and under with stride length under 5'2"

Option #2

    • Intermediate (13+) 8" Tall, 30" Wide


    $429 (Free Shipping)

The most popular portable pitching mound of the bunch, the intermediate mound is 2 inches taller but maintains the 1" per foot slope, so the incline starts further back giving an extra 16" between the pitching rubber and the end of the ramp.

When folded the intermediate is 32x30x17. When laid out the intermediate is 30x96x8. The intermediate mound weighs 100 pounds but does not feel like it when folded and balanced on the wheels. It is still very easy to move.

Option #3

    • Adult 10" Tall, 30" Wide


    $579 (Free Shipping)

The adult version shares the tri-fold roll-away form factor of the youth and intermediate mounds and is offered because the pitching rubber on high school (and above) pitching mounds are 10 inches higher than home plate. It's a quality product just like all of the other sizes, but when asked I generally recommend the 8" tall intermediate mound, even for older players. The two sizes are the same length, but the 8-inch tall mound is much lighter and therefore easier to transport. There is also substantial savings on the cost.

The exact dimensions of the 10-inch tall pitching mound are 32x30x23 when folded and 30x96x10 when in use. It weighs 120 pounds. For comparison, the adult mound is 2 inches taller and 20 pounds heavier than the intermediate mound.

Option #4

    • Extra Wide Youth 6" Tall, 40" Wide


    $459 (Free Shipping)

The 40-inch wide roll-away pitching mound can still be set up in seconds, or folded and stored with ease.

This mound is 6” tall, 40” wide, and 78” long when laid out. It is 40x26x14 when folded.

Option #5

    • Extra Wide 8" Tall, 40" Wide


    $599 (Free Shipping)

The second most popular portable pitching mound we have is 8” tall, 40” wide, and 96” long when laid out. It is 40x32x17 when folded.

Only the highest quality hardware with a real pitching rubber and bolt-on wheels are used to construct these portable pitching mounds.


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6" tall Youth Size, 8" tall Intermediate, 10" Tall Adult Size, Extra Wide Youth 6” tall, 40” wide and 78” long, Extra Wide 8” tall, 40” wide and 96” long