Make sure he gets the warm-up he needs

A Portable Pitching Mound You Can Take to Every Game and Practice — Anywhere! Anytime!

This lightweight pitching mound folds up so you can store it in the back of your vehicle and roll it out to the playing field.

Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

Vince Lombardi

The only way to practice pitching the right way is on a mound

Rule #1: You practice as you play.

But how often do youth-league pitchers have to warm up at home or before games on a

flat mound? And then pitch on an elevated mound?

It might be better not to warm up at all than to totally confuse the muscle memory with wrong practice like that.

No wonder so many pitchers can’t seem to find the strike zone consistently.

But what can you do?

Get perfect practice anytime, anywhere, with the Portable Pitching Mound

The Portable Pitching Mound is super-lightweight, super-durable, and folds up easily so you can

fit it into your car’s trunk or the back of your SUV. And you can roll it to and from your car

to wherever your budding young star needs to practice.

It’s light enough and so easy to handle that your young ballplayer or mom can handle the whole job easily by themselves.

Stop subjecting your son (or your team) to practice that only hurts performance

Practicing on a flat mound and then pitching on an elevated mound is simply a terrible way to

practice — either before a game — or for a successful pitching career. 

The mechanics for throwing on a flat mound are very different from the mechanics required for success on

an elevated mound. Warming up or practicing at home on a flat mound is teaching bad habits;

it’s the worst thing you can do if you want your son to be a successful pitcher.

Your son needs consistent practice. Don’t take away his chance for success as a pitcher

by subjecting him to inconsistent, imperfect practice conditions. 

With the Portable Pitching Mound, you can take perfect practice with you wherever you go.

The Portable Pitching Mound comes in three sizes

  1.  10’X 29’ (33.5’ with wheels) X 88’… Folded 21’ X31 ’X 29’… 100 lbs.
  2.  8’ X 29’ (33.5’ with wheels) X 88’ Folded 16.5’ X 31’ X 29’…85 lbs.
  3.  6’ X 29’ (32’ with wheels) X 88’ Folded 14’ X 30’ X 29’…72 lbs.

Don’t deprive your son of the success he deserves

Successful pitching is all about consistency. 

  • Consistent mechanics. 
  • Consistent delivery. 
  • Consistent release point. 

Warming up on flat mounds one day and elevated mounds the next creates inconsistency in

all three areas. And that means more ball fours and fewer strike threes. To reach his full potential as a pitcher,

your son needs to pitch off a mound like the one he will use in games — all the time.

The Portable Pitching Mound is Super Affordable 

For the life of your son’s career, he can have a mound that he can take anywhere, anytime,

to get the kind of practice he needs to succeed. 

And it’s super-affordable:

  • Six Inch tall – $399
  • Eight Inch tall – $499
  • Ten Inch tall – $599


Availability is Limited

These mounds are not mass-produced in a factory but hand-made by a craftsman who loves baseball

and understands the need for proper warm-up. 

So order now to ensure you get yours promptly. Delivery time varies.