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Youth Bat Speed Training Bats (Overload/ Underload)


  • ⚡️8 week bat speed program included (FREE)
  • 💪 Scientifically Proven to Improve Bat Speed
  • 🔥 Easily add 3-5mph exit velocity!
  • 📦 Shipped quickly to your doorstep!
  • ⚾️ Safe for all ages (29” – 33” options available)
  • 👏 Can be used to hit real baseballs!
  • 🥢 Skinny Barrels drastically improve hand-eye coordination!
  • 😲 On sale now!
  • 🙁 But… we only have a limited number of sets available due to supply chain shortages.
  • 🏃‍♂️You have to move fast to make sure you get a set before they are sold out! Select your size below and add them to your cart now!

Our Youth Bat Speed Training Bats pack contains both an overload and underload weighted training bat. Choose your bat sizes below based on the weight and length of your game bat.

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Designed to increase bat speed while simultaneously promoting muscle memory and core strength, our Bat Speed Training Bats are overload and underload weighted training bats. Overload training is designed to improve strength and bat control, leading to increased power numbers. Underload training focuses on fast twitch muscles, leading to an increase in hand speed. In addition to better bat speed, the added swings will help improve conditioning, while our 1-1/2″ barrel will help improve hand-eye coordination.

One 20% Underload Bat
One 20% Overload Bat
1-1/2″ barrel
Made of Composite Material
50 swing break in period (tee work)
8-Week bat speed training program
Not intended for game use
Not intended for use below 40 degrees Fahrenheit
Patent Pending
1-Year Warranty
Use the Youth Bat Speed Training bats to hit real baseballs up to 50 mph. We recommend using the Underload and Overload bats with our Bat Speed Training Program with soft toss or tee work drills. Improve your hand-eye coordination by utilizing our Youth No Load Training Bat that is designed to feel and weigh the same as your game weight bat, but with a small barrel.

Youth Bat Speed Trainers Available

29″ Drop 10 Model
Overload – 29 22.8 oz
Underload – 29 15.2 oz

30″ Drop 8 Model
Overload – 30 26.4 oz
Underload – 30 17.6 oz

30″ Drop 5 Model
Overload – 30 30 oz
Underload – 30 20 oz

31 ” Drop 5 Model
Overload – 31 31.2 oz
Underload – 31 20.8 oz

Shopping for drop 3 training bats? Check out our Bat Speed Training Bats.

Select Size

29” (15.2 oz & 22.8 oz), 30” (17.6 oz & 26.4 oz), 30” (20 oz & 30 oz), 31” (20.8 oz & 31.2 oz)

Add Same Length “No Load” Bat to make it a set of 3 bats?

No Thanks, Add 29” (19oz) “No Load” Bat? (+ $139.99), Add 30” (22oz) “No Load” Bat? (+ $139.99), Add 30” (25oz) “No Load” Bat? (+ $139.99), Add 31” (26oz) “No Load” Bat? (+ $139.99)

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