Valle Eagle 88 Infield Training Glove White



2020 Series Eagle 8 – NEW! The leather on the Eagle 8 Series is quality Japanese steer hide leather , and has USA tanned leather lacing. Valle 2020 Eagle 8 Series Trainer has a new design.

The Valle Eagle 88 Training Glove is an 8″ trainer designed by professional baseball infield instructors. This amazing glove is designed to help infielders achieve excellence in their fielding skills.

It’s smaller, it’s flexible, and it can be used for any infield drills such as back hand, forward hand, double plays, etc.

A major league all-star second baseman was the first to test the prototype of this glove and he now uses the Valle Eagle 88 before every game.

This training glove is not limited to just MLB players; it is also great for youth, travel team, high school, and college players.

To stay ahead of the game and your competition you need to constantly hone your skills. Soft hands, proper technique and hand-eye coordination are vital for a good infielder. The Valle Eagle 88 White Infield Training Glove is a great tool to develop these fielding skills.