Stocking Stuffer Bundle



The Stocking Stuffer Bundle includes:

2 Web Gloves

1 Dozen Minnie Balls

1 Isolator Pad

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Web Glove – Mini Training Baseball Glove

This unique glove fits over your index finger and thumb to create a small pocket that safely teaches players the proper way to catch a ball: in the web.  It's a challenge and any player that can consistently catch the ball with the WebGlov will have the best hands on the team.  Use with the Personal Pitcher to work on:

  • Catcher’s framing,
  • Fly ball drills for outfielders,
  • Turning two for middle infielders,
  • Picking the ball in the infield, and
  • A wide variety of conditioning drills.

For young players: This is the best way to safely teach them how to catch and build confidence in their ability!


  • Designed to catch Wiffle golf balls
  • Lightweight
  • Durable neoprene material
  • Fits over your index finger and thumb
  • Universal for left or right handed players



  • Develop "Soft Hands"
  • Improve Hand Eye Coordination
  • Build Confidence In Fielding
  • Safely Teach Young Players How To Catch
  • Eliminate Fear Of The Ball

Mini Wiffle Balls (1 Dozen)

  • ATHLETIC BASEBALL EQUIPMENT: Spend time outdoors with Plastic Baseballs; perfect for practicing your pitch, batting skills, or for some leisure time playing catch with friends
  • FUN FOR ALL AGES: Little kids and adults alike will love these highly durable baseballs thanks to their hollow design that allows nonstop fun whether playing baseball, wiffle ball, or fetch with a pet
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE: The innovative hollow design makes each ball lightweight enough to carry anywhere and the plastic makes them highly durable so they can take hit after hit without breaking
  • A DOZEN BALLS IN A PACK: Each pack contains 12 hollow white plastic balls for endless fun; they are easy to see in a large field so you never have to worry about losing them

The Isolator pad:

Know when you’ve hit the ball off the Sweet Spot. Wiffle Balls do not create the vibration in a hitter’s hands like a baseball, so getting jammed, hitting the ball off the end of the bat, or crushing a ball can be tough to tell. The Isolator Pad fixes this by strapping to the sweet spot of a game bat and giving the hitter instant feedback with a nice “pop” sound.

No guesswork and a “must-have” for the serious hitter looking to improve their game.

  • Lightweight
  • Two velcro straps allow for easy attachment
  • Straps to your game bat
  • Developed exclusively for use with lightweight small balls



  • Know when you’ve hit the ball on the sweet spot
  • Improve hand eye coordination
  • Build confidence
  • Develop discipline
  • Prevent wrists from rolling over too early