Qwik-Flite Practice Golf Balls


PowerNet Qwik-Flite Practice Golf Balls | Limited Flight Perfect for Backyard Training | Dent Proof | True Flight Path | High Visibility | 12 Pack



    The yellow color of the limited flight training balls help golfers see the ball better; Train the eye to focus on a yellow target to develop better hand eye coordination


    Unbreakable rubberized construction for longer life; Get as many reps as needed without worrying about cracking the ball; Designed to take the abuse of multiple swings


    Limited flight equals more training in less space; The Qwik Flite balls allow air to flow through them to limit the balls travel distance


    Thicker with more weight than foam or plastic balls for better feedback; Immediately see the direction of your hit ball and make adjustments necessary to improve your next swing


    Set up your own training sessions anywhere; Train at the park or at home in your backyard

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