Oscillating Bar 36 “


The TAP Oscillation Bar is recommended as a warm-up tool for the throwing shoulder and is an excellent recovery mechanism after pitching.

  • Increase blood flow to the arm
  • Improve shoulder flexibility
  • Increase shoulder and arm strength
  • Improve arm health and durability
  • Increase grip and wrist strength


The Oscillating Bar is an excellent exercise accessory used to increase blood flow, promote flexibility, and increase strength. Resistive exercises are performed by twisting the bar, bending the bar, and flexing the bar back and forth. Twisting and bending the instrument strengthens and tones the muscles in the hand and wrist. Shaking the 36″ bar causes the instrument to flex, thereby creating force and requiring beneficial involvement of the arm and shoulder to control the bar.

Typically, the red resistance bar is used by athletes thirteen years and older, the yellow bar is most often used by athletes ten to twelve, while the tan bar is most often used by athletes nine years and younger. As with all exercise devices, the Oscillating Bar should be used at the direction of a physician, trainer, or coach and always under adult supervision.