Memory Foam Balls


PowerNet Foam-Tech Utility Training Balls | Baseball Size | Dent-Proof

  • ALL AGES AND ABILITIES; Great for hitting by baseball and softball players of any age or skill level in a confined space; Perfect for beginning batters fearing an incoming pitch; Gives true flight path feedback to even the most seasoned player; Will not cause damage to walls windows or equipment
  • INSTANT FEEDBACK; 12 pack and provide instant feedback; When hit solid this practice ball will fly better and travel farther; True ball flight path helps you make adjustments to your swing
  • DURABLE; These Foam Tech Utility Balls will not break like normal plastic balls; They are soft but will regain its shape immediately after being hit; Soft foam core surrounded by a long lasting outer cover
  • SAFETY TRAINING; Foam Tech construction for kids or new athletes who want to train and learn without fear of getting hurt or damaging property; Great for T ball entry level and younger kids when they are learning to catch and throw
  • GREAT FUN; Great fun for everyone inside the house or out in the yard; Play a game in the backyard without any fear of breaking a window; Full garage or backyard BP training session no problem these balls will not cause any damage to wall or anything else even a camera.