LineDrivePro & SwingRail Bundle


The one and only LineDrivePro and swing trainer bundle allow players to work on their swing anywhere.  The PRO bundle includes the following:

The SWINGRAIL Trainer:

The SWINGRAIL is a great Baseball Swing Trainer for all age players. Each unit includes an armband and “rail” designed to fit any bat. The SWINGRAIL is known for:

  • Eliminating “Roll Overs”
  • Guiding Player’s Hands Through the Most Critical Phase of the Swing
  • Allowing Players to “FEEL” the Correct Swing Mechanics and a Direct Path to the Ball
  • Providing Immediate Feedback
  • Being Used by Tens of Thousands of Players from Little League to MLB !!
  • A Great Tool for Dry Swings, Tee Work & Soft Toss
  • Collegiate Baseball’s “BEST OF SHOW” – Consistently Ranked the NO# 1 Hitting Aid in the US


The LineDrivePro:

This lightweight plastic cup easily attaches to any bat in seconds. The patented design forces the hitter to swing through the zone properly to launch the practice ball. If the player casts their hands, has bat drag, or any other imperfections in their swing, the ball will not fly correctly. But if the player takes a short, compact, proper swing, the ball flight path will be optimal and the player will have instant visual feedback of their good swing.

  • Great baseball swing trainer for all ages and skill levels
  • Small and lightweight design goes anywhere
  • Includes 3 practice balls and velcro straps